Need advice on which Red to focus (new player)

Hi Guys,

I am rather new player (1 month in), but spent some on summons to have a head start, currently sitting on a deck with: 4.20 Tiburtus, 3.02 Magni (just ascended him yesterday), 3.60 Kashrek, 3.43 Wu Kong and 3.60 Kelile. I also got 2x Aegir (knowing my luck, I will never get any other HotM but this one considered mediocre I had to get 2 of course) and some random 4* like Chao, Ameonna, Caedmon, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Sonia, Hu Tao. Most of them sitting on the entry level with only use sniping weaklings on AW. My current main team power is ~3000, 1600 troophies, exp level 23, using the same squad for raids, farms, titans since of course I don’t have much heroes trained to choose from.

Now, having described my position, heading to the real question. I had some luck this week pulling Natalya and Marjana out of Atlantis summon. I do have materials to ascend my Kelile to 4th, but I also could save them to ascend either Nat or Mar to 3 at some point in the future (should be doable within like 2 weeks with my current production capacity). I have read all the topics on this forum comparing Nat and Mar and looks that Nat is better to counter specific heroes (like Alby, which I never seen yet at my level of raids) as well as for mana control, while Mar is just Kelile 2.0, but capable of one-shotting people. I really don’t know which one of them would be worth focusing on to replace my Kelile in my main team. Or should I just ascend Kelile and get her to 4.70, and not really worry about 5*s yet given I am still at rather early stages of the game?

Any advice would be welcome.

Thank you

Having Marjana I wouldn’t bother ascending Kelile (as you said she is a Kelile 2.0) to 4.70 and there are better 4* reds outta here as Wilbur, Boldtusk, G. Falcon, Sir. Lancelot and Gormek.

Thank you. So does that mean that Marjana is worth leveling over Natalya in my case (general, universal use)? I am not really sure about Natalya’s special, seems very underwhelming for a 5 star but I may be missing something important. On early levels it deals like 300 dmg over few turns.

Natalya when at lv 4.80 and 8/8 special would deal 700 damage / 4 turns with 718 attack.
Marjana and Natalya are both good heroes even if not the best red heroes: they stay in the middle.

Marjana is a bit more versatile than Natalya as she can cover some roles better than Natalya and thanks to her respectable (instant) direct damage and many players think that she is the better non-premium 5* red hero.

Too late. You have screwed the pooch.

You need to set all the shiny things down and go back to start. Build a base that supports your team. Worry more about farming and raiding for resources.

I am totally jealous of you for getting the 2 hot chicks.
Jokes aside, go for Marjana. Unless you are playing above platinum, even at 3/70 together with Magni gives you a pretty solid team.

Max out your Wu, Tibertus and Caedmon to have a solid rainbow team. If you have extra shields, up Kashrek as well as tank. He is quite solid. You need Wu and Tibertus for titans anyway.

You may sit on Magni and Marjana at 3/70 for a while but still worth it as long as they dont sit at 2/60. The only thing missing from your team right now would be a healer. Try to get one ASAP such as Kiril and Boldtusk. Forget about defense for the moment. Just make sure you have the required firepower for quests and titans. Rigard would be another good option for healer. So does Melendor from looking at your team roster. Try some pulls or just train from tc13 for potential 4*.

Thanks! Marjana it is then.

I do indeed struggle with healer, which is why I went for Kashrek over Caedmon but he is still only to nearby allies. I feel Melendor would be perfect for me and I’ll try to hunt one. I know Bold and Kiril are great, but both my Red and Blue are strong so it would hurt to make such exchange to still keep full color. I will worry about that decision if I ever pull one of these. I feel Vivica would be nice as well but chances to get her are around 0 so I can only pray to RNGesus.

Vivica is unnecessary for you at the moment. Kiril and Boldtusk are necessary components for your team even if you have another of the same color. Most people color stack anyway for good results. Do not hesitate to max them if you ever get any of the 2. Their buffs are tremendously useful especially on offense.

At one month in, it seems to me that you are trying to run, before you can walk. This is not meant to be negative or a put down, quite the contrary. The game is designed for the long grind - you don’t mention what level your stronghold is or your other buildungs, but after one month, you can’t really have the resources - or the ascension material - to level up 5* heroes.

I would say you are best served leveling your 4s at the moment. The ascenion items, while also rare to acquire, are lower in number for 4s. And if you ever want to compete in the rare level of challenge events, you will also require leveled 3* heroes.

I would also recommend reading this:
and this:

Thanks Witch. I read both topics already some time ago and adjusted my game play and plan accordingly in most aspects (my Bane I fed to Chao btw hehe). My Stronghold is currently 13, so are my mines and half of my farms (rest farms on 12 but one worker assigned to upgrading them). TC13 is being finished now, other one constantly runs on 11, last one serves on 2/4 depending on whether I have backpacks. I used to struggle with food at some stage for some time, but currently it’s quite the contrary, can’t recall last time I had to wait for food to up my hero etc (even when I ascended Tib to 4th and loaded 15 dark heroes into him). I rather have issues with having too many resorces so my next goal is to focus on upgrading my storages (both around 600K capacity currently) before I go for SH14.

Indeed, the last event where you had to select a team of 3*, 4* and 5* went super bad for me, but on the other hand, I am quite happy that I could get through normal Morlovia and half of the advanced Morlovia (to get trainer and traps) without any issues on my first attempt on levels. Meanwhile guys in my alliance who have mostly teams of maxed 3* and couple 4* struggle a lot, even though they play this game for months longer than me. So I am quite happy about my decision to focus on Magni as he is superuseful over other 3*-4* heroes I had at hand, even though it was very resource-consuming in the beginning.

I know the kind of materials needed to get 5* to 4th ascension and seeing how many of them I have now, I realize I’ll probably stay on 3.70 for a while once I get there, which will give me time to work on the remaining heroes I have pulled already. Thus my question - is Marjana 3.70 better than Kelile 4.70? Seeing my Magni was waaay better (in terms of dmg, survivability and the buff) at 2.60 than Kelile or Tib at 3.70, my experience is that 5* > 4* even if I can’t get full potential out of them with the final ascensions being quite expensive, but I really didn’t see much of the game yet so again, any advices are welcome. I enjoy learning from this forum a lot, I spent much time here before I created an account.

Generally speaking, a 4* at 4/70 ist better than a 5* at 3/70. 5* reach their full potential when they are fully leveled, the same way a 4* reaches its full potential fully leveled.

As you are in an alliance - to fully utilize your 6 war flags, even fully leveled 3*s can help you get the most out of your attacks.

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