Advice on who to ascend

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a pretty decent amount of 5 stars thanks to Atlantis and Valhalla being generous to me. Who among my 5 stars should I prioritize first for each color. I’m definitely needing some guidance on purple, yellow, and red specifically. Below are my available heroes. I should mention I prioritize titans and wars above all else.

What aspects of the game are most important to you?

Edit: Doh! Titans and wars, you say? Interesting…

Lol I thought my post was being removed. I was like wtf!

Yellow: Delilah, Onatel, Sif, Vivica, 2nd Drake, 3rd Drake
You have very very big dillema in yellow… but that is in order in my head.
Wait,… and you do not have Miki or Tarlak, you should also level Ranvir 1st Priority for Titan (this is your priority right), that make more big problem dillema :wink:
Purple: Freya, Khionna.
Red: Grazul and JF both comparable depend on playstyle. But I prefer Grazul for ofense against Telluria tank.

Nice roster. And in my honest opinion, I would focus on levelling the following:
Red - Jean-Francois
Yellow - Onatel
Purple - Freya
Green - ? / wait
Blue - Ariel
Good luck

Wu Kong at +19 is fine no need to rush for Ranvir

I had asked for help awhile ago with yellows, and someone had mentioned that since I have Wu heavily emblemed that I should pass on Ranvir. Do you think focusing on Ranvir despite my emblemed Wu is better? Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback I was thinking something similar. You don’t think Greg should get the tonics, or did you just miss him?

Your 4 x 5* green are all B grade. I was thinking, if you are doing pulls this month, then to wait for the new 5* HOTM who is Green

Yeah getting Telluria would be nice, especially with Freya. Thanks for the feedback.

oops, I forgot Wu :man_facepalming: you are correct, I agree :+1:

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