6 month mark - My advice to new players

Hello everyone and thank you for your time. Just recently reached my six month mark with the game so wanted to give a shout out to the dev’s and all the players who join me.

Just want to post some advice for newer players out there with Hope’s to help them avoid pitfalls I experienced early and pointers that I have learned from the elders.

1 - get v.i.p.- I cant express enough how this is the best deal in the game. if you are not willing to spend 5 dollars a month, this is probably not the game for you.

2 -join an alliance- knowing what to do and when was very rough in the beginning, not understanding event mechanics/frequency of events, stacking of colors, all of these can lead to lots of frustration early on especially when you are 300 points higher than a team but lose everytime you fight them. a good alliance will point you In the right directions for raids and farming saving you valuable time.

3 -6 months- know that you will need to put in this amount of time minimal before you begin to reap all the benefits this game has to offer. trying to get things early and feeling cheated are common, but when things turn around you will see how sometimes one single character will change your whole experience.

4-30 hero roster- before focusing on a “main team” understand that to be fully effective you will need this minimum number of characters to give you full flexibility to participate in all aspects of the game. nothing tests your understanding of character skills like AW and the better you learn to do these the easier the rest of the game will be.

5- 3 spin limit- no matter what event,with the new Atlantis summon, all characters will eventually be available again. you will have a long haul in this game, as farming ascension items takes time. Overspending for a hero and not getting them will rage you out more than anything in game. follow these steps and I promise by the end of 6 months you will be as happy as I am.

good luck all
ty devs and players


Very well thought out post and congratulations on making the 6mth mark!

Another thing to add here for Newbies: Ensure the leader has been active; if they’re inactive then look for another alliance. An active leader will, more rhan likely, help new players and keep the members in line.

Also, use the forums…to find eberything you need from Raids, Heroes, etc. And if you’re unsure on anything just ask - but make sure you do a search here first before starting a new post :wink:.


Congrats on six months! :muscle:

This is such a great way to give back to the community. Great post. Love it.

Can I add to 2. Don’t be afraid to move around alliances until you find the right fit of social interaction and support

And if I may be so bold:

  1. Experiment! Too often new players get stage fright. World flags reset. Have a go at everything. When you get new heroes, use them for farming! Attempt every event, even if you think you won’t make it

  2. Forum. Forum. Forum. You will learn so much about the game by reading as many posts here as possible. And the Player Guide section is invaluable.

Here is a list of links that new players will find helpful:


May I politely suggest that you change the Title of this post to something like:

“6 Month Mark - My advice to new players”
“6 Month Mark - What I learnt that will help you”

It’d be a pity if this thread gets lost amongst the usual forum traffic. There is great practical advice here


About getting VIP… I’m only three month into the game, and I’m level 30, constant low platinum, on the brink of stronghold 17, over 20 maxed heroes (3 and 4*), slowly but steady getting towards a maxed 4* defense team (ascension mats holding me back a little here). I founded my own alliance which grew from scratch to 40.000 score, and now is over 25 members (over 20 daily active members), constantly slaying 4* titans. All this without spending a dime… So, even if VIP might be a good thing, you are definitely wrong about this not being the game for F2P players.

I also advice new players to focus on their main team first, at least until they have a solid maxed 3* team, for that is what will make them advance through the game.


If the OP requests it, the mods or forum regulars can change the thread title.

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Or perhaps move it as a whole into: Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started." - #147 by DigitalOdin where it all adds up nicely. :slight_smile:

@Kerridoc @JonahTheBard @Rook

This is so important!


I’ve amended the title to make it more visible and moved 5is to the #player-guides section. I think I’ll leave it stand as it’s own thread though.


I never said the game wasn’t for ftp players. the whole term FTP has ruined the gaming community as a whole. I had to pay for my games when I was a kid, from saving quarters for my round at street fighter, to buying a game on console and of it sucked be mad cause gamestop’s gives you jack for trade in. having two builders and 30 garunteend gems a day, especially when things start taking almost 2 days to build, is just common sense for a real gamer.
I’m glad for your scores but mines are double yours In half the time and v.i.p is a huge reason for that by literally cutting my building time in half. My alliance consiste of 8 real life friends of mine and some we met here. we make sure people who need v.i.p. get it.


You make a great point. Video games use to cost cash up front and come in a shrink-wrapped box. We read reviews, etc. but it was still a leap of faith to lay down $20-60 for a new title. And that might give about 100 hours of gameplay, sometimes with replay value, sometimes not.

The new “free to download” model lets us try out games and then chip in cash as we see fit. The VIP package is a great use of $5/month—a far lower price per hour than I used to pay in the old model.

Games aren’t free-to-program, so I don’t begrudge SGG the money I choose to budget for this title. But I do urge every new player to set a budget and stick to it. SGG is masterful at offering tempting little offers that can quickly add up. My advice:

  • play the game for a week. If you like it, buy the starter pack and buy VIP. If you can afford it, some epic troop pulls, which add early and durable value.
  • continue VIP, at least until you have TC20 built.
  • have 75 gems available to help complete final stages of rare quests and challenge events. Only use them if you were close to winning but needed just a little more time
  • never use Epic Summons. I only use Event, Atlantis and Seasonal summons. Everything else comes from your TC20s

Sorry, I don’t agree… What VIP earns you is just time… I got lots of it :smile: I think you can very well enjoy the game without spending a dime… As I’m definitely certain that I won many battles against people who invested money in the game… you can always spot a newbee spender… usually has a complete but underdeveloped 4* team at level 13 or 14… maybe one, even two low level 5*… I was probably level 25 before a got to have a 4* team…
I always read about how SG is all about taking money out of your pocket and how the reward system is not fair with those who spend a lot of money… It’s not so. The game is FREE! Spending money is our personal option.


Your comment sounds mean, without a reason. All he said is that the game is playable without paying. That’s true, I know several f2p players having fun in the game.

Agree that the vip offer is good and people planning to pay should start there. I wouldn’t have had the patience for getting to tc20 without it, but that doesn’t mean f2p shouldn’t play.


Your original post is really excellent advice for new players. You did a great job posting it.

However, I too think you are being a bit dogmatic about the VIP package. It’s a great way to speed up progress in the game and I would recommend it to players who are willing to make a small spend, but it’s not necessary. Players can be F2P very comfortably, producing a strong team of heroes from training camps, and maybe lucking into one or two HOTM using free gems and accumulated epic hero tokens.

One of the features of E&P is how friendly it is to F2P players.


Don’t think that is going to happen any time soon… We probably are too far apart… given you are using vip, spending lots of gems and all, your war score is probably way over 100.000… But, hey! You never know! Meantime, we’ll just keep to our humble f2p level… or maybe someday I’ll decide I should spend money for playing a free game…
Don’t get me wrong, friend, I think you gave some preety useful advice for new players here, except the one about not focusing on their main team first, it’s just that not everybody targets top 100… so, I feel I’m pretty competitive for my level… And I have all the time in the world to grow… maybe we’ll meet in a year or so… You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…

lmao I’m ftp just like you. I have rolled on some events as I was taught and have v.i.p. that’s it. I farm and level just like everyone else. top 100 is not important to me and focusing on early characters to much uses resources that are hard to get and should be managed well to use them on the best heroes that you can attain. disagreeing with someone is not being mean. I work 12 hours a day not having v.i.p. would have me at a crawl. in order to do well,u need versatility. having one team limits you to much in all aspects of the game.

Paragraphs! Capital letters! Punctuation!


so let me get this right. I make a post trying to help new players maximize what they spend and avoid pitfalls that can get them stuck and frustrated, and you guys come on, acting like something is wrong with recommending v.i.p. to new players, tell me I’m mean, and then start grammar Nazi crap over a post meant to motivate and help new players. bravo you have accomplished nothing lol. anyone looking for real pointers will find them here. ignore the trolls i unfortunately fed one lol.


This is a forum where people can post their ideas. Other people give feedback on those ideas. The feedback on the ideas you posted has been broadly positive, but if you seriously can’t take a bit of constructive criticism about aspects of your advice, then one must wonder if you are at all worthwhile.

Plus, of course, requesting paragraphs, capital letters and punctuation hardly amounts to “grammar Nazi crap” now, does it? It’s more of a gentle request for civilised communication. You’re rubbing up against Godwin’s Law here - be careful.

There is nothing wrong with recommending VIP, that’s a good offer.

But stating that people who can’t spend 5 dollars a month should move on is misleading for new players.


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I would rephrase;


1 - get v.i.p.- I cant express enough how this is the best deal in the game. If you will spend some money on the game, then VIP will be your best price-value-ratio oiffer concerning gems + anything else. If you like the game, I suggest you give VIP and make your start more pleasant.

Only the 200 gems for €1,09 offer has a better price-ratio value, but it doesn’t include a 2nd builder, loot tickets and bonus daily summon.

I still love that you have shown the importance of a minimum amount of heroes in order to be fully effective in nearly all aspects of the game. It’s a game changing tip.