Grazul, Azlar, or Natalya? For red mono team

Hiii! I’m hoping y’all will have some opinions for me because my red team is my weakest by far and I’m trying to flesh it out a bit.

Currently when I do a red mono raid, I use:
Marjana +15
Tyr +7
Jean-Francois +2
Elena 4/80
G. Falcon +12 OR Grazul 3/70, depending

I have Azlar and Grazul at 3/70, but I just pulled Natalya from Legends and she looks tempting.

I’m leaning toward Natalya because I feel like Grazul is still serviceable at 3/70 and I don’t have Azlar’s costume.

Also, are any of these useful for a raid defence team? None of my current red heroes are on my defence team, but I feel like I’d rather have a little rainbow mess than what I am currently using.

My current raid defence, from left wing to right wing, is:
Finley +20
Telluria +20
Alfrike +20
Vela +20
Vivica +19

Would any of these red guys do better for me than Vela? And would that one also synergise well with my red mono team?

Thanks for the help! :yellow_heart:

Hi !!

For me (stressing it), I felt that a good monored team is composed of 3 vital heroes: Wilbur, Falcon and Boldtusk.

Wilbur - casts a defense buff and an element link to your heroes, protecting your entire attacking team unless his skill is dispelled. He also make the enemy share damage with each other with a -44% defense ailment.

Falcon - Good synergy with Wilbur as he provides elemental defense down to target and nearby.

Boldtusk - provides healing and attack buff. His defense stat when emblemed puts some emblemed 5* heroes to shame.

These heroes are relatively easier and cheaper to obtain, level, max and emblem than their 5* counterpart. They are all average mana generating heroes. Of course, Falcon may be substituted with costumed Marjana (fast) and Wilbur may be replaced by Santa (slow) and BT may be replaced by other red healers or attack buffers.

The other 2 heroes to complete the team, if I were to choose, is Mitsuko and Kong, both also average mana. Mitsuko will deal with most of the blue defenders while Kong will try to wipe out the entire defending enemy after BT, Wilbur and Falcon has fired.

However, in your case, with the heroes you have presented, I think Grazul is the one to be maxed. She may be serviceable at 3/70, but she is squishy at that stage. If you happen to max her, she can be emblemed, making her sturdier for her to ensure that she gets to do her job: heal spam and status protection.


Natalya is a good hero- I love mine! In your case though, it sounds like you have a lot of good hitters, so I’d say Grazul for the immunity from status effects would be more useful.

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+1 for Grazul. When you’re going red mono, you’re attacking Green tanks and/or multiple green enemies. While they might not have many DoTs, there are many ailments that Grazul can block such as Telluria’s mana slow, Evelyn’s green def down, Frigg’s def down, etc. This is especially useful since there aren’t many red cleansers other than the ninja.

She also gives a +4% mana generation element link


Thanks yall! @Liam_K I completely forgot about her +4% mana elemental link! I feel like that obvi makes her the best choice for a mono team. Ty for the reminder! :yellow_heart:

If I emblem her, does anyone think she’s also worth replacing Vela with on my raid defence? (I’ve tried Marjana with middling results, Tyr I never find challenging to go against in a raid so I’m not sure he’d be a good choice, and I think the rest of my red heroes aren’t really worth considering. I ask because I don’t see Grazul on defence much in diamond, but maybe that’s because there are 600 million Gravemakers taking the slot.

Embleming her would probably mean stripping Vivica of her emblems and replacing her with someone else. I’ve got Malosi +19, Gazelle 4/80, Justice 4/80, and Inari 3/70 (just a couple darts left to scavenge and she’ll get her bump up

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I don’t use Grazul in my raid defense. She’s sturdy with 800+ def but her heal is just too low to make a difference I think and the ailment block is dispellable. She’s much better in raiding when you can time that special, for example right before Alfrike or Vela fires. There’s no need for you to go rainbow in defense in my opinion
As for the emblems, I have cVivica and they shared emblems up until the 6th node, then I finished Vivica. I usually use both when raiding since I prefer 3 red instead of mono

So, I wouldn’t strip Vivica but 19 is enough without the costume so the new emblems can go to Grazul

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Grazul hands down, not even a contest. Natalya looks like she was released as a counter to Horghall (she was Jan 2018 HoTM, so at the time only S1 heroes and you got 3 slow 5* reds with Marjana being the only fast one), but feels a bit underwhelming in 2021.

As for your defense, I’d probably replace Teletubby+20 with Marjana+15 and maybe look into reordering it a bit. Vivica on wing is completely wasted and won’t fire in time except on the very worst of boards, plus she’s the anti-color to Alfrike so makes sense to make her flank instead. So something like:
Finley-Vivica-Alfrike-Vela-Marjana if you want a bit more rainbow-ness.


Thanks @Liam_K :yellow_heart: solid advice on the emblems, much appreciated. I’m gonna go with Grazul with the tips from y’all in mind.

@rho Replacing Telluria with Marjana wouldn’t solve my rainbowness (Finley & Vela) but I’m reasonably satisfied that I don’t like aaabsolutely need to have a fire hero in there… especially not Marjana, she’s too glassy and whenever I’ve tried her in there I lose cups like mad. I’ll try swapping Vivica into flank to gel better with Alfrike though, I moved it to Finley-Viv-Alfrike-Telluria-Vela. We shall see! Thanks for the advice!

This is mine

Id go with Grazul, if your going against Telly tanks and get her off first thats a big help, especially flanked by GM and Vela. You have 2 snipers and 2 dot heros.

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