Mitsuko or Gefjon?

I can ascend one red 5 star, and I am quite hesitant.

I want to buff my red mono team for raid and war, which has C. Marjana, Marjana, Vanda, C. Boldtusk. The new hero would replace Tyr, over which I’m quite disapointed.

Mitsuko would be so usefull against Finley and similar heroes, and Gefjon is kind of redundent with Marjana, so Mitsuko was my first choice. But having C.Marjana followed by Marj and Gefjon would probably result in two kills at fast speed, so I’m unsure now.

There is a lot of competition for emblems for both, Tiburtus and Evelyn for ranger, Ursena and Vanda for sorcerer.

It would probably boil down to your playstyle. Do you always go offensively or defensively on your raids and war matches? If offensively, go Gefjon. If defensively, go Mitsuko. Both could synergise with your red team, as C. Marjana hits three, and so is Mitsuko. And Gefjon is a really powerful sniper, so she could probably fit in any team you have. :blush:

I would do Mitsuko. She brings another dimension, and you already have quite much firepower.

Edit: Do, as in ascend.


I have neither, but I would pick Mitsuko.

Mitsuko for me is better

Tough choice. If you already have two Marjanas max, probably don’t need Gefjon all that much. Aleady have sniping ground covered.

Mitsuko is great against all kinds of blues, with exception of some random Ariels and Aegirs in people’s defenses. However, she won’t synergize well with C Marjana’s -attack to all blues. It will prevent them from suicide most of the time. I had that problem running Mitsuko with JF or Guardian Kong.

So if I were you, I would take Mitsuko to 3.70, try her out and see if that playstyle she provides fits your team. Her skill won’t get any better than that level anyway, as her dmg is just a bonus over mana cut and elemental shield. If she disappoints, then go with Gefjon. She is great, one of the best snipers in the game. Worth benching regular Marjana.


Definitely Gefjon.
I use double C.Marjana + Gefjon on raid. Invincible to say the least.

  1. C.Marjana +0 hits 3 enemies.
  2. C.Marjana +20 hits 3 enemies. Two enemies died.
  3. Gefjon hits. One more enemie died.

Cobalt and Finley? They are already dead. You don’t even have to think about reflect ice damage.


Mitsuko really changed my game and raiding. Tanking her +20 easily keeps me in diamond. That said I’d probably decide by which you have more available emblems for…both are amazing

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Hard to get this wrong

I have both, and use them both all the time. Given your sniping strength I lean Mitsuko, but you haven’t got a red sniper with the sheer brute power of Gefjon, she’s a killer

The other thing is they are both fun! Having blue killers like Finley explode themselves is hilarious. And then stealing Seshat minions and having them replicate for you is great too.

Do either first, and the other next, no question

But I think Mitsuko first, just

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I really like my Mitsuko.
She is the only hero that I know for sure will never lose her +20 emblems.
Not only she is the only hero who can kill 2 different elemental colors.
But she is actually fun to watch those heavy blue hitters auto kill themselves.

Bottom line is, even though I believe Gefjon is a superb sniper, I will prefer Mitsuko over her

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Whilst Gefjon is honestly the only true red sniper, Mitsuko is a must to go up against the likes of Finley and other heavy blue hitters. All except cobalt will get reflected and the blue hitters will kill themselves. Fun to watch.

I’d you face a lot of minion heroes, Gefjon will steal minions from your target before she hits. The best to hit with her is Seshat because you get those replicator minions.

But Mitsuko will likely see more use. Just make sure, when you fires her, try to not hit the blue enemy because she lowers the mana when you want that blue hitter to actually fire so it can reflect


Hi Nonareeves,

Could you please elaborate the detail? it may be more effective when facing a double formation.

Compare to use 2 nos. of C.marjana + Gefjon, how about useing 3 nos. of C.marjana. Please advise.


Hi Thomas,

If I use three C.Marjana, I think I will limit it to double formation only. For other formations, double C.Marjana + Marjana / wCB will be used.

In the double formation, the target back row center hero rarely dies, so I think the three C.Marjana will be most effective.


  1. C.Marjana fires at the back row center hero.
  2. The second C.Marjana fires at the back row center hero. At this stage, the two front row heroes are likely dead.
  3. The third C.Marjana fires at the back row center hero. Almost all are dead, or only the heroes on both sides of the back row are thought to have surviving.
  4. Use open space to ghost tile.

However, in the reverse double formation, the target center hero is more likely to die with two C.Marjana special skills, and in the worst case, at the C.Marjana mana charge stage. In that case, the skills of the second and third C.Marjana will only hit up to three.
The purpose of double C.Marjana + red attacker is to kill 3 heroes in 3 tile matches, so use the 3rd Marjana as a costume or use normal Marjana in formations and enemy configurations.

In any case, I think double C.Marjana + fast mana red attacker is a strong team structure that is not affected by the color of the tank and raid formation, so it’s a good idea to try it several times using friendly matches.

I’m glad if you can use it as a reference.

I think the posts here have already covered a lot of ground so I’m just going to throw in my two cents from my own raids.

  • As noted, cMarj and Mistuko actually have anti-synergy, because blue heroes hit for much less and 90% of the time will not be able to commit suicide
  • That being said, unless you have a lv 23 mana troop, Mitsuko is usually a bit later to fire, and you could also time it so Mitsuko goes off just as cMarj’s attack debuff goes away
  • cMarj does make Mitsuko hit much harder, mine at +14 with 741 does about 500-600 damage to three with cMarj’s debuff on. Sure not sniper level damage but a decent finisher

Since you already have two Marjanas, my vote is for Mitsuko if just for more variety. Yes Gejon is essentially a red Lianna, but Mitsuko has more overall utility IMO. She has an interesting dynamic with cMarj in that cMarj makes her reflect less effective, but then makes her initial hit do that much more damage.

Thanks nonareeves

For double formation:

If 3 cmarjana hit on back center hero, the center sure will die. But the front 2 heroes may not die or may be 1 dead. So it can defect 2 or 3 heroes but not 100% confirmed.

I am thinking apply hit on each of the center 3 heroes. Form the one with lesser HP first. However, don’t know whether it works to take down 3 or not.

If can take down 3 heroes in early stage of a game, it is almost sure win.

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