Myztero or Alfrike- Need help

I have Alfrike and Myztero ready to go for final ascension. Alfrike I know is awesome! But I have never went up against Myztero and don’t really see to many chats about him. Does anyone know who would be better to ascend next? I have 1 more tabbard to get yet so I have a little time.

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Definitely Alfrike, no doubt about it.


Alfrike, then second Alfrike, then third Alfrike, then maybe Myztero


I have Alfrike and she’s one of my favourites, never really come across Myztero so I can’t really compare.
But I’ve had no regrets with Alfrike, I play her next to Sif who boosts her mana and helps with the damage she takes.

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There’s a reason you don’t see Mystzero. He’s complete crap on defense. Even on offense he’s not well regarded because he’s simply too fragile for his special. By the time he’s memorized several powers, he’s probably dead.

Alfrike, 100% of the time.


Alfrika! Myztero is just completely awful and useless


alfrike all the way!

Myztero is good at best and is too situational. i wouldn’t max him even if he was the only option.
it would be a difficult choice if he was able to memorise all status ailments when it hits anyone on his team.

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I laugh when i see myztero on defense - you fart in his general direction and he dies


Well copy that lol! The only reason I wasn’t sure was because of how rare Myzerto is, I thought maybe he’s pretty good! But I’ll agree, Alfrike is badass!

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Myztero needs a buff. So you can put him in to the corner!

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Despite how one or two people crow on about how Myztero is good…he isn’t. Afrike is actually good (and a total terror in VF tourneys/wars). Afrike with ZERO second thoughts.


Then 4th Alfrike. Then Layla. Then Myztero.

But seriously, Alfrike. She’s damn near win button in VF tourneys and wars.



I am one of these crows…

I would do Alfrike first. She would be super useful for PVE, and quite OP/broken for rush tournies. She is also usable in regular PVP especially when paired with one of the mana generating heroes out at the moment (a few in purple). I wish I had her :confused:

I have played extensively with Myztero and I think he is actually very good vs teams with more than 1 DOT/ailment dealer. Once you have Alfrike ascended I would get him up to at least 3/70 to test out how he fits with your playstyle. Personally I also think he is also a lot of fun to play with.

There is literally only one player writing all over the forum about how great Myztero is, VS the 99,9% who pulled ,Myztero and realized how badly designed this hero is. None of his circular logic adds up tho outside a personal bias.

It’s not even a question… ascend ANYONE over Myztero. LOL

But yes… Alfrike is a monster. Even with her randomized hits… she is a nuclear bomb.


Well, Homacleese is not the only one - there’s at least two of us who think that Myztero is powerful and fun - under the right circumstances. Nothing in that should take away from the fact that the OP should definitely ascend Alfrike - no one disputes that, and there are bunch of other heroes too who would also take precedence. But there is very little opportunity cost in taking Myztero to 3-70 and experimenting.

The issue I have with myztero is what “the right circumstances” are in which to use him. Back when GTV was still a thing, I used him a lot. Now, against top teams based around damage and minions, eg. Bera, Odin, the Ninjas, etc I hardly use him at all. Even with Frigg and Finley, the cost of getting hit is too great to be worth reflecting the debuff. So until the meta shifts again, he is a niche hero and it’s good that the OP should be aware of that.

But the other point that Homacleese made was about having fun - and myztero is fun. Last war, I fought a team with hel and Gravemaker - deliberately setting off hel just before the equaliser and then firing mystero immediately after, then later repeating with gravemaker earned an easy and enjoyable victory against a team that was about 600tp stronger than mine. For those of us who have fought 1000s of raids, many of which are virtually identical to each other, its refreshing to have something different.

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Good day @Racer601 :sun_with_face:


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Try intentionally stacking the weak color against the tank. Not even joking since 80% of the time I have to do that in war. Thing is, sometimes the weak color stack actually has better/the best synergy against the team you’re going up against, so it’w worth the risk (in war). For regular raids it’s just a masochistic fun challenge. :crazy_face:

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He does best against a team with 2 dots - and I actually find him effective against bera tanks. Use him early to reflect the poison damage and stop bera spawning more moths then use him against flanks (idiots of tiles) or hold him longer and reflect bera and flanks at the same time.

If you catch a defense down ailment is a bonus and often leads to an easy death or 2 from tiles but if against defense down only ailments he will struggle

It may be an emblem issue. There is strong competition for rogue emblems in my roster and they are split between francine, c marjana and jackal - all of whom I consider essential. Without emblems I find myztero just too fragile against the typical 4700+ bera frigg odin stacks. So, although it’s a nice idea to reflect bera’s moth poison against her I just can’t achieve the survivability to make it work - a dead myztero reflects nothing. Similarly with frigg - I would rather not get hit at all. What teams are you using against such opponents and where do you put your emblems?


Sweet Jeebus this isn’t even close. Alfrike all day. And twice every day afterward. Your alliance will thank you for putting her at tank.

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