Who should I ascend 1st?

Hey everyone… Quick opinion poll… Before I start leveling I wanted to ask something… I was just about to finish off my Kage 3/70 but I just got Alfrike… Would you continue on Kage or hold everything for Alfrike?? Kage would be for Raids & Wars but I could see Alfrike going on my D Team… I also just got Odin too which makes the question a little tougher for me with his +29% Mana Gen for her… Here’s my current D Team:

Seshat +20
Costume Magni +20
Telly +20
GM +20
Jabber +20

If I added Odin & Alfrike obviously my D team would be completely changed up… Thoughts??

I would do Alfrike instead of Kageburado, with a strong mana buffer as Odin she would be a very reliable Flank.

I highly suggest considering their mana speed. Also you need to recognize that Alfrike is a luxury hero ideal if you already have a deep bench of maxed legendaries.

Yeah I do… 25 maxed 5’s so far, kinda why I’m thinking about redoing my D team since I’ve got options… I’ve spent considerable time maxing out Seshat but now with Alfrike I’m considering moving my Emblems to Finley, Telly’s to Odin, something like this with either Musashi or Zeline on the end…

I’ve got Zocc too maxed for Rogue on wing if I want to keep it Rainbow AND Rogue…

I thought about throwing Margaret in there for her dodge to give them time to charge but I was a little worried about losing O power on the team…

You just lack Frigg to build one of the nastier BK tank defenses.

Yeah, I tried for her so much but no luck… And Green is the color I’m closest to ascending next! :cry:

I didn’t want to fall into SG’s trap of nerfing Telly so people would try for & play S3 heroes but they caught me!! :rage:

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