Mystero or Alfrike?

So, recently pulled Alfrike and and have been leveling her. Then this past tavern of legends (while chasing gravemarker) I landed Mystero. I only have 2 tabards and thus a while to decide which to ascend. I plan to get both to 3/70, but what are some opinions on who I should ascend when the time comes??? All thoughts and suggestions welcome!

I would go Alfrike. Still working on leveling, currently at 4-65. Lots of fun! Especially in Rush Tourney!

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It’s disappointing that you have to even ask this question when drawing such a rare hero as Myztero. Shouldn’t he be so good it’s a no brainer?


Personality for me I say Alfrike .
Queen of 5* Rush Tournaments .
Myztero is really not that great . He might get buffed at some point . I would max both but Alfrike first if you care about Raid tournaments .

I agree with others, Alfrike first.

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You have to ascend healers and build around mystero. Not worth the hassle. I pulled Mystero and ascended him and I’m still trying to find a place for him. Alfrike 100%

Yeah I have gotten smashed by a few Alfrikes during rush tournaments. I was kinda thinking along those lines

Yeah I 100% agree. Is it sad to say that I would rather have gravemaker who had 10x more chance to be pulled. If they added one more perk to Mystero he would be great, like a dispell or cleanse.

I’ll keep an eye out for a buff which may away my opinion. But in the meantime I agree that Alfrike will get the first set of tabards

Have you found him to be good against the trio of telly, Vela, and grave on offense? That was the one draw over Alfrike because of that defense being so prevalent.

Mystero simply dies too fast to be effective in the current meta. Or likely any meta.

The buff he needs to be effective is considerably higher defense and health.

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Lol like any meta. That’s a good point though. If they increased his survivability he would be a lot more effective.

Gravemaker had 2.5 x more chance of getting pulled not 10x.
It was 1% split amongst 4 Featured Heroes in Tavern. So 0.25% per hero .

When Alfrike fires, heros die. This isn’t even a contest. Her, 100%.

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Let’s just put it this way. If Alfrike were a HoTM, she would be as prevelant at tank as Telluria. She’s just not as widely owned.


I have both but leveled my myztero due to having grazul and other heros that provide synergy that myzerto needs. Alfrike is great and if she fires you will win. Myztero I love with a 11 mana troop i can spit out all those status ailments with 6 purple tiles. You can’t loose either way. Myztero is just more in my playing style

@DeckardPain good point I was looking at the 1% and the 0.1%, but I forgot 1% is a chance for 1 in 4

@JAG101836 ok that is good to know that with the right back up he can be good. Unfortunately I don’t have a great team to put around him so I’ll go for Alfrike right now. I will still bring him to 3/70 so he’s ready to go with my next set of tabbarda

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Alfrike all the way. Just got mine up to 4-50. Absolute beast. I have mystero, I would ascend my second Alfrike before him

I have Alfrike maxed and emblemed to +7. Wonderful hero for both defense and offense. Also shines in events or boss fights. I also dare say it’s the most fun to use hero in this game right now.

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