Just pulled Alfrike - should I ascend her over these heroes?

I was actually aiming for Odin but pulled Alfrike instead, guess I can’t complain!

My dilemma is I have enough tabards to ascend 2 purples and originally I was working on Senan and C. Jabberwock. Should Alfrike jump ahead of either of these heroes? None of these heroes would be on my defense team, just used on offense.

Current maxed 5* purples are Dark Lord, Seshat (x2), Ursena and Grimble, while I also use 4* Proteus and C. Sabina.

  • Alfrike + C. Jabberwock
  • Alfrike + Senan
  • C. Jabberwock + Senan

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Thanks for voting!


Voted Alfrike + Jabberwock

Alfrike for Rush Defense (even if not tank, still a beast)
Jabberwock for all other wars for offense, also for PvP etc


You can check out my vote.

Alfrike Will prove very useful unless small giant eliminates rush war and tournaments.

I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

Good luck mate.

Yarr !!!



Thanks guys! Yeah I don’t have any heroes like Jabberwock that hit heroes on the edges, but I also don’t have any other 5* slayers and have been told Senan is good. Mats take me ages to build up so just wanted to make the right choice.

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Senan is good, don’t get me wrong…
But he is not like Alfrike or Jabber…
Further, he “only” does damage on slow mana charge and his fiends are “only” there, they attack opponent yes but they have no negative effect like average mana Elizabeth’s fiends or fast speed Hannah’s fiends…

He can be a pain if you have other Slayers to pair with…

You know what I would do? Level Alfrike and wait until you have at least 10 tabbards again and check then again…
Many things change so quickly at the moment but Alfrike is still a monster ^^


Alfrike has to be 1 for sure. Could possibly creep into your main defense too. Seahat with her dispell becomes extremely useful. I like Jaber as well and have all 3 of the above mentioned maxed emblem. I use Seahat a ton on offense. I guess it depends how many dispell heros you have. It seems we can never have enough as this game advances. Good luck on any of those you decide to give the mats to.


Don’t know your team, But I personally would do Alfrike and CJabs and use the hell out of them.


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