Next 5* Dark to Ascend


I am looking to the collective wisdom for some opinion about which 5* Dark to ascend next:

Full 5*s:
Dark: Sartana, Domitia
Holy: Neith, Vivica, Joon
Red: Elena, Jean-F, Azlar
Blue: Magni, Vela, Frida, Miki (almost there)
Green: Kingston, M. North, Liana, Elkanen

Which Dark gets the ascension items: Thoth-Amon, Quintus, Alfrike? Or save them items for someone else?

Any assistance rendered would be most appreciated.

Alfrike is best of those 3, she is strong and fun to play, when she fires you will probably won


are you looking for defense, or raids + war?

If you really enjoy rush tourneys, Afrike is really good. In six weeks, there will be a five-star rush tournament with no Holy, if you could max her out in that time, it would be awesome.

If you are looking for defense, let us know what you are using today, especially for your tank.

If it’s wars and raids you are thinking about, then Toth-Amun’s speed would be the deciding factor for me.

Please don’t give tabards to Thoth or Quintus, just not worth it. Thoth looks good on paper but he sucks

Alfrike would be the only choice I think


Quintus is underwhelming and you have Azlar, who is way better classic slow AoE. Thoth is meh not the worst and def. not the best.

Alfrike may be very slow but she fires, it is game over more often than not for the opposing team. Speaking from experience having faced her in raids and watched her devastate me cause I just couldn’t kill her, especially at higher talent levels.

Thanks for the reply …
One defense, I am currently using MN, Vivica, JF, Sartana & Kingston.

One raids I typically use MN, Rigard, Vela, Proteus and Kingston

Alfalkie, I generally dislike slow hero’s but she’s one I wish I had, fire her up and it’s curtains

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Wait for something else. HotM in october for example

Alfrike. She is brilliant and I just ascended her even in front of faster heroes as clarissa or sartana (i already have a good fast roster). I chose her for the fun gameplay, rush tourneys and devastating special.

I am also ok to have one or two slower heroes in an attack team, if their specials are worth waiting for. Alfrike is exactly what a very slow hero should look like.

I like Alfrike on offense, 5* Rush tournaments, attacking war and raid teams. She truly is a game changer. On defense, her very slow mana makes her a bit of a risk even at tank. If you put lvl 29 mana troops behind her, you can make mana slow, but even then it may be a risk on defense. I have her on my project list for leveling since almost all my losses in the current 5* Rush tournament were to teams with her at tank or flank.

Thank you all for the thoughtful advice. I now have a clear direction to go with Alfrike.


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Alfrike is awesome, even at vslow.

The others are underwhelming at best - this is a bit of a no contest.

Alfrike by a long shot. I just finished top 1% in this rush tournament (although I received bottom 25% loot)

If she fires, it is difficult to lose that match.

I did alfrika also before clarissa - alfrika is great fun to play with - was top 1% this week in raid tourney with her at tank and most of the top players in world had her at tank - clarissa damage is just weak etc - 20 votes for alfrika - toth is just a meat shield and quintus just sucks

I used mono purple for every battle in this past raid tourney and won 24 out of 25 with alfrika, guardian panther, ursena, seshat and forgot who else

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