Alfrike or Clarissa?

Hi all,

I’m really struggling here; I pulled Alfrike last portal, but just got super lucky and pulled Clarissa (and by lucky, I mean it only took me 20 summons). I’ve been super-stoked about alfrika, but I’d likely use Clarissa more (although this isn’t guaranteed — I have a deep bench) — I already have GM, Kunch, Grimble, Sartana and Domita maxxed (just listing relevant heroes); Clarissa fills more holes, but Alfrike is just so dang awesome.


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Clarissa. There’s no question in my mind.
Alfrike is a decent tank. Her only job, actually.

But Clarissa is vital to the meta.


Very slow vs Very fast? Imo, the answer is too obvious :grin:


I know Clarissa fits the current meta, but I’m guessing you haven’t seen Alfrike in action. I tend to raid upper 2700’s, and yes, GM usually fires twice, but I’d rather Alfrike fire once to GM going 2x…

At least that’s my theory, with Alfrike still only on her second ascension, it’s hard to judge.


I understand your dilemma. I’m just as stoked about Alfrike as you are, regardless of her speed. Don’t have her and Quintus is not going to be a competition for Clarissa, which makes it a lot easier for me.

I might just flip a coin… Or try them both at 3-70 for a while and decide then.

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I think Alfrike would be the way to go personally. Alfrike mana can move up to slow with a level 23 mana troop. Alfrikes special is just too devastating not to invest in imo. I have both and am going Alfrike first. But, I already have some maxed fast hitters such as Kage and Sesh. Do what’s best for your roster but in Alfrikes cases, mana speed shouldn’t be the decide all in this case. But I also think the current meta is way too fast so my views are somewhat different. And, you can always level the other one later. Also, I have a slow purple hit all/healer/stuff hero (Marie Therese) in my def and it holds 2600 cups easy and my def improved overall when I swapped out Sesh for Marie as weird as that may sound.


Since I only have 4 tabards, playing with both at 3/70 may be the plan regardless of my desires.

Alfrike is awesome, and I say this as the owner.

But I am personally going for Clarissa. Alfrike does her job quite effectively at 3.70. Clarissa needs that extra ascension to fully bloom.

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That’s an interesting point.

I actually have a different dilemma, having Killhare, Alfrike and Clarissa and ‘only’ 12 Tabards.

So I personally decided to go Clarissa then Killhare, and leave Alfrike for the next round. Logic as above.

I have actually won majority of high diamond raids I took her to while she was still in the middle of her second ascension. Her survivability is great, and the main perk you want her for is the mass insanity, not necesarily the damage.

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I played with Alfrike extensively in Beta. I also used Clarissa extensively in Beta.

If you ask me, if it were my choice, I would go Clarissa.

If you like Alfrike… that’s your choice.


I prefer slow heroes. I would level her first…

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It’s a tough choice, but IF and once Alfrike fires, it’s usually game over. Not so with Clarissa.

For me the tough choice is choosing between Killhare and Clarissa.

I’d say alfrike but both good. Can see sg bringing out support hero’s in the realm she is in to add around her, kinda see it as longterm investment.

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I am in a similar dilemma. Trying to decide between killhare and Clarissa. @PeachyKeen- do you have experience with both? Who would you max first. I pulled gravemaker today too so I’m thinking Clarissa will go well. My purple hitters are lacking having only Jabberwocky and Ursena as 5* hitters (not that those are bad options). Advice? Thanks.

I like both Killhare and Clarissa. However the synergy between grave and clarissa— esp on defense— is undeniable.

You WILL ascend both Killhare and Clarissa, but in your case I would choose Clarissa first.

Thanks. That’s what I was feeling as well.

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That’s a first…you PREFER slow heroes?

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yes I do - I don’t understand why you ask. You replied to my statement.

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I hope that a vfast heroe does not put an end to a fight. :smiley: