Myth or facts – is there any truth in you should not upgrade your Watchtower (WT) past levels 10-12?

I am a newbie here so if this topic have been discussed bear with me folks.
WT facts…(watchtower)
Is there any truth in you should not upgrade your WT past level 10-12? That if you past that level it make it worse for you in your raiders finding you past that can be hard?
I was made to believe this by a past member of an alliance and am afraid to go further.
Your kind comments will be useful.
I want to help others to get past this
Its like you are a horse with a rope on and the rope barely hung on the pole…help!!!:cry::cry::cry:

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The food and iron capacity of your watchtower is what determines the food and iron the opponent gets as a reward for defeating your defense team. That’s where the whole “don’t upgrade the watchtower past 10-12” thing comes from, so there is some truth… but should you care? That’s the question imo

Personally I don’t think it’s that big of a deal if you get raided a lot. Most people raid to fill their hero chests and just to pass time. Food and Iron are whatever.

You can upgrade it if you like, at the start of the game the extra food and iron from the watchtower helped me get some resources to level my heroes and continue upgrading buildings with the additional iron.

However, I do also think there are more important buildings to upgrade first if you can; your stronghold, your iron and food storages, and one of your training camps being some examples.


True I do it to fill the chest.
However the concept is still there…a stigma maybe?
If you past 10 the likelihood of getting stronger raiders make you easily found.
I’ve seen raiders of over 4,000 raid me who am just 3,400 strength …so it made me really wanting to know…does it matter???

Fancy meeting you here,
The raiders are determined by your # of cups, so i understand.
I have been forced to level the watchtower to get rid of ham (16), i didn’t notice a major increase of raiders, only after i take my revenge and increase the # of cups is it noticeable.
Have fun, must go harvesting.


I did hear that. But once a raider who had no cups raided me and had no cups left to raid😱…I need more info here folks…and yes I will pop up ever so often I have some tsk tsk querries.

Never happened to me. Right now most of the raiders are stronger than my strongest team (def. 3025) making revenges a good fight.
Have fun.


Mostly Myth. Look at the amount of ham and iron you get when you raid - in most cases it certainly isn’t worth the effort of a raid just for that small a gain. Maybe on some small edge conditions, but mostly people just want to fill their chests quickly. And they would be burning ham to try to find someone with a lot of ham…I don’t think it would pay off that often.


I would consider this as a myth. The amount of resources the watchtower produces greatly outweighs any perceived negatives regarding raiding.


As someone who has a watchtower maxed for the current build I will also say that I have not experienced significantly more raids on my base then I did at lower levels. I find that raids come in waves, much like many other random elements in this game, right now I think I have experienced a few more raids then normal as everyone and his family wants iron for the new buildings.

My advice would be not to let a few people hold back your growth as many have pointed out the extra resources can help you get resources refilled after expensive buildings. I would also recommend warning your alliance about this as, in my opinion, the extra benefits seem to outweigh the costs associated with the raiding. Hope things continue to go well for you and your alliance.


Appreciate the help. Maxing out is I wonder which is best now…which building is best to max up following which?

Your original question: Myth. Keep your watchtower collected as much as you can. The amount of iron & food lost when you lose a raid is LESS than what the player receives. It’s very negligible. And unless you are over-performing at a very high cup level with a low TP, you aren’t getting raided that much.

Just finishing up Stronghold 20 on third account, this is kind of the approach I took and I’m pretty sure it took far less time to get there than the first two rounds.

This assumes you have VIP and two builders. I can’t imagine the slog of F2P.

When you hit SH11 and SH13, your first priority is to get your Training Camps upgraded. (TC13 not necessary if you summon your 4*s). You’ll want at least two TC at 11 quickly, your third can be used for TC1/2 most of the time. When you run out of swords and backpacks, that is a good time to upgrade the third training camp.

Otherwise, I always recommend to upgrade some of your farms and mines first. They should always be right behind your Stronghold level. In the long run, this approach gets you to 20 faster. Have one of each upgrading at times.

Next priority will be looking ahead to the next level, meaning your Iron Storage. Every second or third iron building upgrade should be storage. All of them need to be at level 18 for the last SH20 upgrade.

Don’t upgrade every single building before upgrading to the next Stronghold level. When those upgrades start taking days, you’ll be left with nothing to use the second builder for. Several other building upgrades can be made while the Stronghold is going. This is a good time to finish the last remaining farms, or bump up the watchtower, food storage, and forge. Possibly avoid upgrading two long duration buildings at once. Otherwise your resources will fill up while waiting. Although, you can always craft and store battle items. Thousands of minor potions will eventually get used up.

Food storage and Watchtower would be the two that can lag behind. Food storage
only needs to be as high as the highest level of hero you would need to ascend to the final tier. I am sitting at level 11 food storage x3 while SH20 is being built. I have never had a problem with this, because food (and recruits) can be stored in your TC11s.

Your highest forge can also lag behind a bit. Some of the highest level battle items aren’t necessary for newer players.


This is based on old versions of Raids ( version 1.12 and earlier, see notes on version 1.10 and 1.12 below).

Watchtower produces a lot of food and iron.


Click for notes


Watchtower always produce
The Watchtower, however, will continue producing Iron and Food while upgrading — but only the Watchtower does that; Mines and Farms don’t.

To combat trophy dropping

To discourage trophy dropping that exacerbates Watchtower raiding

Per year, Watchtower Level 20 + Finish Season 1 +
Farms Level 20 x9

Food to upgrade



Wow thank you never thought about FS on highest for hero highest tier. I welcome these views.

This is very helpful…will reread

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I have maxed out my tower so long ago, I can’t help you there.
As for people raiding just to fill their chest, this isn’t always true I think. I raid everyone I get, never reroll, do every revenge, I am just weird like that :wink: .
But, I think a lot of people raid for trophies, because when I get above 2700 trophies, I know that when I go offline and come back after 20 minutes, I will find 20 raids in my tower, just in that small window. It’s also the only time I sometimes drop out of diamond (which would mean loosing over 300 trophies in just 20 minutes), it’s funny.


I find it funny too that you are returning online and you see this pops up…“you lost 35 cups” weird you are in a battle and your heroes are there ready to work…lol

My current record is -540 cups in less than 5 minutes, from 2770, right down to platinum. As there were more than 15 raids in that time frame, it must be that multiple attacks were going on against my defense at the same time… Ever since, while raiding, I carefully stop around the 2600 threshold. No point in forcing 2700. All hell breaks loose there.


I understand what you mean, but I don’t really see the problem. I don’t raid for cups myself, so why should it bother me if I loose some more because I got in top 50? Upon filling my next chest I will be back in diamond within a few raids (revenges will be 50+ cups when you drop so far). But like I said, I don’t raid for cups myself besides opening my chest in diamond (and that has never been an issue).

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They hit me hard but I do like the challenge of retrieving. I lose some but those arrogant high attackers who raid say lower 3k and they are over 4k MUST be seeking chest fills!!!

Yes I love going off with a good purse for them so I can have a good face to start with😉

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