1.10 Release Notes



Edit (21 Feb): The update is now out for both iOS & Android!

  • VIP Pass added.
    • Get double builders, bonus daily gems and more with the new VIP Pass.
  • Raid Arenas added.
    • Reach higher Raid Arena for better loot from the Raid Wanted Mission Chests.
    • New raid missions added. Unlock new avatars by winning raids. New Raid missions are available from Stronghold level 12 onward.
  • Balance changes:
    • Slightly increased base stats of most event heroes
    • Leonidas - special damage increased from 350% to 360%, special mana reduction increased from -25% to -40%
    • Elkanen - special damage increased from 285% to 300%, health steal increased from 25% to 33%
    • Lady Locke - full special skill damage done in 4 turns instead of 6
    • Captain Sargasso - special damage increased from 325% to 335%, healing reduction increased from -60% to -75%
    • Domitia - special damage increased from 375% to 390%
    • Guardian Owl - special damage increased from 200% to 235%, damage increment per dead ally increased from 45% to 60%
    • Alberich - mana recovery reduced 20%
    • Guinevere - Dark defense reduced from 94% to 54%
    • Ares - health regeneration reduced from 800hp to 720hp
    • Thoth-Amun: Increased animation speed of minion attacks
  • Challenge Event adjustments
    • Slightly increased difficulty of standard enemies in all Challenge Events
    • Slightly lowered the difficulty of bosses in the Avalon Challenge Event
    • Slightly adjusted score from time
  • Added the option to examine Hero illustrations in detail.
  • Added support for inspecting alliances from the player info view.
  • Character special descriptions format changed.
  • Increased the amount of hero teams from 3 to 5.
  • Added a notification for network connection problems.
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements.

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