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It actually started happening days ago with both my food and iron production. Then the other day my food production increased again, yet my iron production is still not producing like it was last week and times prior to that.

Yes, but that happened a long time ago. What I’ve noticed is, the more gems I have, the less iron and food is generated. Which I find is not fair. Why would my iron and food production be dialed back if I have gems. Sometimes I think this is purposely done in order to make a person spend gems and therefore spend more money to buy more…

What was the production rate before in terms of iron per hour and what is the production rate now in terms of iron per hour?


Do you have the percentage in difference of before and after you had gems? This would be interesting if true. Maybe try to screen shot your percentages before and after? Are you leveling up your watchtower? It has a lot to do with production/storage as you move through the Year 1 map

I am supposed to be making 2,899 per hour per hour per mine and I forgot to check my watchtower production, but that is also not producing like it was. I’m only producing 1600 or so from my mines. I just also remembered, this happened after I recently upgraded my mines.

To eliminate another possibility:

Have you made any upgrades to Farms or Mines in the last week or two?

I was just posting to ask this at the same time you mentioned this —

Did you iron production decrease while your Mines were upgrading, and then increase again after they finished?

Yes. So shouldn’t I be producing more iron?

After the upgrade you should be producing more Iron.

During the upgrade, Mines don’t produce any Iron at all. The same is true for Farms.

The Watchtower, however, will continue producing Iron and Food while upgrading — but only the Watchtower does that; Mines and Farms don’t.

So if your Iron production dropped while your Mines were upgrading, that would be expected.

Did you Iron production go back to normal after your Mines finished upgrading?

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Yes, I level them up as quickly as possible. That’s how I noticed im not producing because my production rate has been slowed down so I can’t upgrade. I’ve waited two days and I should be able to upgrade my stronghold and the watchtower but it seems that my iron is draining, as well as not producing. I’ve also noticed some slowing during the game, but I can’t pinpoint when that happens. I’ll definitely try and screen shot the timing.

Your watchtower can hold more food/iron as you level it, as can the farms and mines. Could that be the issue? Also heroes take significantly more food, same with troops, to level up. So keep a tally on your production vs your expenditure.
If you don’t mind me asking, what level is your stronghold?

I’m a new player, but I’d say I’ve advanced somewhat quickly. My stronghold is at 13. Im at level 17.

Your Mines won’t product Iron during Mine upgrades.

The upgrades also become astronomically more expensive in resource costs as you upgrade.

I think you’re just experiencing the natural slowing of building leveling that we all go through with how the game works.


Exactly what happened to me as I began leveling up my Farms and mines. Suddenly I had less food for my 3/4*. But I also made the mistake of leaving my watchtower behind, lost a lot of production while I slept.

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Maybe so. But I upgraded my mines days ago. Ive never experienced this much slowing after upgrading mines and food though.

No, the mines have slowed down after the upgrade.

Do you mean the actual production has slowed down, or the pace at which you can upgrade buildings has slowed down?

Can you screenshot your Mine production, like this?

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Did you recently use VIP/second builder?


I tried, I don’t understand why it’s telling me I don’t have enough memory. I’ll look into why it’s saying that and try to remedy and send it again.

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