Myth or facts – is there any truth in you should not upgrade your Watchtower (WT) past levels 10-12?

Raising tower seems to allow stronger opponents to attack you imo

I usually inform the players that except they have strong heroes stay in the safe…do not not go above 10-12…I think I am right!
Going above that level does attract stronger raiders. But still venturing on is part of the game and when I see potential in a player I tell them.go for it!

No, it used to have merit when you could get much much more ham and iron from raiding. Then people would leave theirs lower so they had less to steal. Cup dropping was lucrative during this time for resources.

SG changed the percentage of food and ham you can take from raiding a tower, now it makes no sense to NOT max your tower because it is a much bigger source of ham and iron than a farm and mine.


As @Gryphonknight pointed out in older versions people would get swarmed with high watchtower levels. As you could gain a lot of Ham/iron (I remember getting close to 100K ham a few times). But a couple versions later they had changed that. Now 50K is about the most I see.

I don’t know what the change was but it did change.

I maxed mine but I waited until it was one of my last buildings left to max.


I maxed mine earlier on because i wanted free ham and iron.

But my focus was maxing:

  • Training Camps lvl 20 - to try and make 5* heroes
  • Forges lvl 19 - to make tornadoes
  • Iron Storages lvl 20 - To max my Stronghold
  • Food Storages lvl 20 - To have food for various Forge recipes
  • Houses lvl 20 - to stockpile recruits
  • Mines/Farms lvl 20 - as i got around to it

I don’t think that the level of you WT is what really counts, its the amount of cups you have. If you have a high cup count with a relatively easy to beat defense team then you will get raided a lot because you are easy cups until you drop into that category in which you belong based on your defense team. If you are there you won’t get raided more than usual because raiding up is what worth it and not picking the easy fights for 10 cups. Not speaking of the fact that if you raid down and lose or the enemy wins the revenge you can get a massive -50 cups so it is not worth it.


Until I max all my 5s. It don’t make sense. I now need a holy 4 to complete my 4* team then I will go for it


Your watchtower is a huge producer of resources, so you need it maxed.

You have one very large responsibility: keep it cleared. If you clear your wt every time you leave the game, you can lose trophies only. Raiders get a percentage of what you leave behind when you do something like come over to the forum. If you left nothing, they get a percentage of nothing. The resources growing in the wt are not subject to a raid.

I upgraded my watchtower bec of ham and iron from it. I always harvest it to minimized the iron and food that my raider can get from me.

Good. Always level your watchtower. People don’t raid based on resources anymore. It doesn’t make sense to leave it low on purpose. Level it along with your base.

I don’t have any issue with my WT19. Taking some food and iron while raiding others and let them get their due on revenge or I get my due on revenge. Give and take is the best policy.

Rushfan1974 how can I contact you with a private message?

Oh now this is interesting …I am truly learning something. Thank you Bud

Why? We discuss the game here if its not in interest of the game…shoo

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We have a standing rule here at Guardians Reborn that if you cup drop and go below 2600 you are exiled and we will hack your account and overthrow the president of your country. It’s standard practice.

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Please, please execute that plan. I will cup drop to zero if necessary.


Once you get to high level cups, people attack like a swarm of angry bees anyway. Tower level makes no difference. Max it out, get the most resources you can.


I have dropped ALL my cups and am living leisurely without bother from my neighbors. What I do is enter the tournament and make up for the chest.

You have the right to assinate any member from your group if they cup drop…not laughing. I have not cup dropped but am truly tired of the raids that I gave away my cups and left a hero of 135 for defence. Completely off the radar. Go get em assassin!!!

This is working out perfectly for me. I am so bored with this raiding and retaliation. I have given away all my cups gone below radar by placing a very low hero aife for defence. If the developers have a problem with this they can evict me and remove my account and I’d be VERY VERY VERY happy. :wink:

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