Moving rogue emblems

I’m considering moving my rogue emblems off of Scarlett+18 and giving them to my G. Jackals instead. One of them is +7 the other is just about to hit 4/70. My plan was to have one of them go mana/defense and give them a mana troup and the other one health/attack and give him crit. My Scarlett still gets used in red stacks against green tanks(not a lot of those out there) but I generally play 3/2 on offense and find more and more that I don’t bring her, favoring BT and Gormek instead. The G. Jackal pair is amazing often firing multiple times in a battle. When paired with an attack booster and defense debuff as above or Kiril/Grimm they destroy. I take them almost everywhere I go right now. With the mana boost and troop I’ll be able to fire one in just 6 tiles which will be game changing.

I’d appreciate any advice.

May the RNG be with you, always

I would personally just go full offense with Jackal if I had him, as I did with Scarlett; both are similar in the sense that they’re fast glass cannons.

I’ve heard arguments for making him defensive though, so he can survive more hits, since his debuff is more valuable for damage. But idk how well that works. He’s squishy to begin with and I’m doubtful of his survivability… so maybe someone else can chime in there to prove me wrong

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@IvyTheTerrible, I would appreciate your sage advice if you have a minute

Iv nearly maxed my jackal and I’m going full attack. Have asked some people and majority have said they have gone full defence as he is squishy! But F it … his attack sat at the end is mental!
I always find no matter what he’s the first to get hit! (Or ghost girl if I use her) but still got that lovely tile damage!

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This was a good read too!

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Thanks, I’m pretty set on the offense track for both except for the split between mana/defense and health/attack. I guess the real question I’m asking is the idea of resetting a Scarlett+18 and giving them to G. Jackals instead.

If it was me I’d leave them on her! As down the line when you got a yellow reflect in a event at least your scarlet will still be powerful. Or yelllow taken from tournaments!
Also someone else to bring to the emblems journeys so you can get more emblems for your next jackal?

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I am in the same boat. My Scarlett is +19 and I have 1 Jackal at +7 with another at 4.70. I am leaving the emblems on Scarlett. In 4* raid tourneys she is always in my red stack with BT and Wilbur. With that combo she hits like a truck.

The Jackal 1-2 is very nice though. Been slapping around Kunchen tanks with a Jackal-Joon-Jackal stack.

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Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this! Like (most) everyone, I favor all attack for Jackal. I took mine to +18. When he lives longer it has more to do with his evading a special than his…ahem…more robust defensive stats. It seems like you’re set on that issue.

As for Scarlett, I’m leaning towards leaving them as long as the following is more or less true:

  • She fights against green titans
  • She usually / always makes the field against the admittedly rare green tanks
  • She’s part of a key war team (not just some desperate hail mary late flag)

If that’s mostly true then she presumably is also important in some raid tournaments and events. I think that’s enough value to justify leaving them.

At the least, I would wait for a bit and evaluate the efficacy of your yellow stack as is, without taking emblems from Scarlett. If you’re beating the dark tanks you run into regularly already, then there’s no real need for more emblems in your yellow 3tack.

FWIW, after taking Jackal to +18 I started feeding my Rogue emblems to Scarlett. Though I don’t have a second Jackal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I have to say yes to all three on Scarlett so I guess she keeps them. I like her, she’s a solid hero. What kills me is charting her attack vs the ramming pulverizers. That 2.15 is so low! My Tibs with no emblems does more damage and Grimm blows her away. Thanks for the sage advice as always @IvyTheTerrible.

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