Guardian Jackal talent tree question

I just maxed him out. Would you guys focus on offense or defense in his talent tree? I know he’s a glass cannon so he needs defense. But I also visualize a super glass cannon. Any advice?

I use him most for his special on titan, so boosting his defense to last longer is better for me.


Defense and health definitely


But if I added right…he would have 882 for attack at the end…that’s insane

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What makes him special to me is his tile damage, I don’t see the point in changing him from a glass cannon to like a normal card with higher attack but better balanced stats.

I’m planning on keeping my glass cannons just that, with even more firepower :slight_smile:


I’m leaning towards that as well. Plus if you go the attack route on the grid he does get a little extra health and defense. Not to mention the evade


I’m also wondering about which route to emblem him.
My thoughts are that even when emblems he is still a glass cannon.
I fight 7-8 star titans. Will it be worth going for max def and hp? Or won’t it really not help his survival? I have 190 emblems waiting for him.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Trying to compensate the weaknesses should be the most effective way to improve any card.

Stats being already high will profit from a tougher base, but increasing the highest stat won’t do that much for the other stats.

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For Jackal you want him for titans. Specifically you want him for his elemental defense down special. The tile damage is a bonus, but it’s best to pump that defense and health so he can survive long enough to fire a few times.


Revisiting this - it all comes down to how you use him. I use him for titans primarily, and at 10-11 star titans a little extra health and D doesn’t change that he takes 2 hits to kill. So I go attack stat.

I also use him on raid attack for purple centers only and he goes in a wing position. He is surviving a touch longer now that he has a bit more health and D (even going attack) but a few slash attacks and a shot from a sniper and he’s still dead. Let’s say if you go the health/D route he gets another slash attack or two before he dies, but his survivability isn’t really much better going that way.

So I land back on going attack for tile damage, he ain’t surviving long either way lol.

In fact, the single biggest difference is the evade skill. THAT is a life saver. Cards like Jackal, Scarlett, Gobbler, etc. are SO unbalanced I question how much you can really balance them.

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I took my Jackal the offensive route. My personal opinion is to take their innate strengths and add to them. He will always be a bit squishy, but that is by design as his attack stats so high. He lives in the wing at +6 currently.


Ok. Let me clearify, my main use for him is on Titans, 7-8 stars, on raid attacks against dark tanks, and as a random attacker/stacker on war attacks.

For LJ I went all attack, since no amount of emblems could make him survive a lot, while his tile damage is great.
For Sabina I went all defense+health, to keep my healer alive as imo her main purpose is dispel and heal.
For Proteus I went all defense +health as imoo his mana block is his greatest asset.

For GJ I feel his elemental debuff might be his strongest asset, but I’m not sure as his attack/tile dmg is so much higher than any of my other holy heroes.

My only other rogue is Scarlett. She is sort of the same, very squishy, but her special is not really important to me, so I would take her all attack route to boost that already high attack.

What to do? Does the minimal extra defense and health actually help on 7-8 star titans and in raid attacks? If so I want to help him survive. Is GJ special that good for my game play? Myself I don’t know! Maybe I just give emblems to Scarlett instead and stop analysing and thinking about this? :joy:

Definitely went defense/health route. I use him against 10/11 star titans and in war. His attack is already high, his benefit is the yellow defense down, the more times you can fire that the better, keep him alive. Still pick up some attck along the way, too.


Jackal’s attack stat is higher than all the S1 yellow cards, including 5*. It may be the highest yellow attack stat period and is significantly higher than 4* yellow cards. Forgive me if I am mispeaking as I can’t recall all the yellow 5* cards but regardless - his attack stat is amazing.

@TooOldForThis - will Jackal ever have enough HP and defense to take more than 2 direct hits from an 10/11*? Never. Will he ever be able to take 1 direct hit and an AOE attack? Maybe, but I’m not sure.

This is true, but if you are also using Wilbur or another defense buff, that increased defense can give him enough of a boost to survive 2 hits, combine that with the potential to stretch it to 3 with a health potion and it changes the equation. I have to look at how I use him, and for me it’s a no-doubt to add to his longevity.

Excellent - proving the point that in every single case, you emblem to how you use your cards - our examples are perfect examples of how either path can be best!

Curious if anybody has any cards they can share of their Guardian Jackal with emblems. I think I’m going to go health+def for mine too but was interested in seeing what his stats look like after the boost, or for those who chose attack. Thanks!

you can use this spreadsheet made by Kamikaze Assassins, it has a great Upgrade Tool. You can select Guardian Jackal from the list of the heroes and see how emblems are going to modify its stats according to the path you’re choosing to follow


My Jackal went full on attack route and is now sitting at +18! His attack stat is now almost at 900!
As a reference, he does about 450 damage on average against a 5* hero which is about 100 points more then my Drake does! His second attack will deal almost 700 damage finishing off almost any hero an opponent can throw at me. This makes him incredibly strong on offense even when your 5* Snipers are already dead.
As for the bulk, I know it’s not much but as lots of people mentioned so far, the bulk you gain with the Def/HP route won’t change much!
Interessting fact: Mine can take a hit from an emblemed lianna! And after the use of a Def banner or a small Def boost from hero he can also take a 12* Titan hit. Only my kunchen can take 2 of those before biting the dust, so again giving him more Def would be enough anyway.

So my votum is: Go full attack! He is ment to attack and destroy, let him do that!! :smile:


As you wished, here is my pure attack Jackal!


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