Rogue emblems - thinking out loud

Guardian Jackal is about to hit +18 talents, and I’m stopping him there, so… who gets them next?

  • Guardian Jackal #2 (boom!)
  • Scarlett
  • Danzaburo

Other factors:

  • My maxed Yellow heroes: two Jackals, Danzaburo, Li Xiu, Wu Kong… and I’m working on Joon (he’s just 2-40 so far, but I have the mats and will be maxing him).
  • My maxed Red heroes: Colen, Lancelot, Scarlett, Boldtusk… and I have NO Red 5* yet.

So perhaps my Red lineup needs more help than Yellow, so perhaps adding emblems to Scarlett will be the best choice.

Let’s suppose I do that: How would you emblem Scarlett? Focus on increasing her already silly Attack rating? Or go the DEF+HP route to make her more durable?

When I emblemed Jackal #1, I increased his Attack rating at almost every opportunity, figuring I’d lean into his strength and hope that the Evade talent would help keep him alive. Should I do the same for Scarlett?

Last quick thought is for Jackal #2: if I emblem him up and get the 2% mana boost, I’ll have TWO sped-up Jackals for wars - except for the fact that I don’t yet have a Yellow mana troop. /sigh/

So much to consider! Maybe I’m overthinking it, and just put Scarlett in the queue.

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I would keep them for a possible 5* hero.

If it woudln’t come by you could still give them to your second G. Jackal but until that time you would have spared resources :slight_smile:

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Rogue talent is pretty great so you could consider giving +1 to all your rogues.
That chance to dodge can save your a$$ during raids.
As for your question, Scarlet could be a good choice. Her special is pretty great and her tile damage, paired with BT, should be huge.
Maximizing her strengths instead of focusing on her weakness is my choice for attacking heroes.
Glass cannon army !!! :partying_face:


I know this is an old thread but I have a similar dilemma. I was lucky enough to pull 2 G. Jackals in the last Guardians. I have one at 4/69 and the other at +7. I’m seriously considering resetting my Scarlett+18 and giving them to my G. Jackals or saving them for Domitia (currently 3/60ish). Any advice appreciated.

P.S. I love the GJ double punch

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