Rogue emblem distribution

Have a Jackal+18, Marjana +7 and Scarlett +9. Jackal I use frequently in raids/war/titans so never stripping his emblems. But Scarlett I find myself using increasingly less, to the point she only sees occasional action on titans and my secondary red war stack (which half the time doesn’t even get used anyway).

Thinking of stripping Scarlett to soup up Marjana a bit more, she’s not in my defense team but she is a staple of my primary red stack. Good idea or no?

Similiar to my problem.
So of course It depend on need and priority…
In my case, I still use my Scarlett+18 (optimum +att) for titan and also in my red team war/raid.
My Marjana is only+2, the rest are Jackal+19, Jackal+8, and later maybe 3rd Jackal after max to +8.

Troop Mana Strategy
For very fast (troop lvl 5) and avarage heroes (troop lvl 17), +8 Rogue and Ranger is somethink to be consider, because +8 is cheap.

Not so many competitor though:
Guardian Jackal

Puss in Boots

And in my case currently I will plan later strip my Marjana+2, because she is fast and fine sturdy without emblems.

Part of the reason why I benched Scarlett is because she’s just too damn squishy, even more so than Jackal. Jackal at least is very fast so can usually pull off one shot before he dies, can’t say the same for Scarlett unfortunately. I stopped using her in raids because she doesn’t stand a chance against emblemed 5* (unless the board is good, but then I could just as easily replace her with someone else and still win), and even against +20 4* she’s kinda iffy, so I don’t even use her in 4* tourneys anymore. Only place for her is on titans, but once again better keep an eye on that HP or use Wilbur frequently otherwise she’s going down in 2 slashes.

Yes her tile damage is insane, but other than titans that really doesn’t count for much because a dead hero is a useless hero. Marjana desperately needs more attack to take advantage of that huge 458% multiplier, and she’s already sturdy enough so emblems seem to have more utility on her.

As far as the +8 mana boost node, I’m personally not a fan because the long term goal is to get troops to lv 23 (or 29 if you play long enough/have deep pockets), and the rogues in question are all very attack-oriented, so the alternate branch with +HP and + atk seems much more appropriate.

Yes, it depend on need priority, etc.

That’s why,… and I plan to use not only one mana troop. So,… 1x mana for lvl 23, another for lvl 17, another for lvl 11 or lvl 5 (just example), minimum 2 or 3 mana troop, so that I can use 3-2 ofense with optimal synergy. Or 4-1 or 5 (mono). So it depend on playstyle too IMO.

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