Rogue emblems

Just wanted some advice about rogue emblems. I have a guardian jackal at max emblems. I also have a fully leveled Sif and Marjana. First question, who should get emblems moving forward? (I currently only use Marjana in 3-2 red teams.)
Second question, should I reset emblems from jackal and give to either Sif or Marjana. Or leave jackal and just feed whimever mocing forwards. Jackal is obviously a titan stable and I raid with him frequently.

Thanks for any opinions!


Never ever.

Never ever strip jackal.

I would go with Sif or a second Jackal


Sif, as a counter attacker, actually is somewhat hurt by rogue class. Marjana is an awesome rogue but if shes not in your defense it’s not as important. Jackal should keep them if at all possible. You need him for titans and it makes him more viable for war attacks.


Personally I’ve never emblemed jackal and probably never will. No 4* imo is meant to permanently keep emblems, they’re always temporary until you have better options

Idk how many yellows you use in war so idk how easily jackal is replaced

Anyways if it’s possible to get by without an emblemed jackal I’d just boil your decision down to your war defense team

If you don’t use any rogues in war defense And cant replace jackal in offense, I’d go ahead and emblem marjana and sif to at least node 5 if you use both in offense and if you can do that without stripping jackal

If you absolutely have to choose between marj and sif and have thought through the scenarios above, it would just be whoever you use the most which isn’t something anyone can answer for you really

Just my 2 cents

Do you use jackal on your titan teams?


20 characters…

I guess I’ll just disagree on this point then.

Probably a symptom of us having dramatically different rosters, but I can’t imagine it having my +20 and +10 Jacks.

For titans, his tile damage is insane when maxed out.

Of course, most of my arguments go away when they release a 5* holy elemental debuffer.


Emblems on jackal are just not a necessity for a decent average

On 14s a turtle banner and axe or wilbur go a long ways

A crit troop(that is even available in 3* troops) can also help

All of those options are typically easier to come by than emblems unless you’re 100% f2p or have terrible luck in atlantis but even then axe & turtle banner are cheap and easy to craft

But i also don’t care about big hits or pushin for A/A+ loot

I’m aiming for an average of 130k per titan(when I’m slackin, I’d really like a consistent B grade honestly which would just take roughly 2 more flags a lot of the time)

20k-30k hits are relatively low ball hits and easy to do even on a less than ideal board and without blowing through expensive items

Once alliances shift from going for high score shootouts to just aiming for averages that kill titans, it reduces a lot of the titan cost, increases loot for the alliance as a whole and decreases the # of escapes


If you use enough battle items, you won’t need talents on Jack.

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Sif as it sounds like you don’t use Marjana enough to warrant them. Also agree with @Rigs on keeping emblems off Jackal. I have Jackal and he helps enough on titans without needing the emblems.

I was just wondering about this myself.

Started classing sif, I enjoy jackal+19 but he will die whether he’s naked or maxed. Maybe good for events only.

Realizing my defense matches are based on my top 4* heroes so I’ve been finding naked 3*/4* work as well if not better for tournaments.

This past 3* tournament, my naked defense went 9-0.

Anyways @Rigs and others, suggestions? I don’t know how to play riposte heroes, they’re so foreign to me.

Suggestions for offense or defense?


In what event do u mono yellow?

Red or blue are typically best options

I’d leave them on jackal and give the rest to the 5 star you choose. Marjana is a much better hero for the rogue special. Sif is a very odd choice for rogue. If I have rispote going, the last thing I want is her evading a hit thus losing the return damage. Rogue doesn’t suit her at all.

Well, I have terrible Atlantis luck… no 5* at all, and especially not yellow. I have Jackal+20 and yes, he dies, but I accept that
So did mainly attack and the tile damage is enormous. But… we are not facing 14*… only 10/11. But I love my emblemed Jackal

So no wilbur?

5* holy aren’t stellar for titans anyways outside of a select few and you can still do decent with holy 4s

How much tile damage do you really need to kill a titan? Goal is to kill titans and maintain success in wars or just go for A+ score shootout every titan?

Turtle banner + axes if no wilbur

Even bigger reason emblems aren’t needed on your 4s to do well on titans

All repetitive but i guess i just don’t see what you were gettin at

Don’t get me wrong, more than 1 way to skin a cat and I’m not sayin anyone in this thread is doin things the “wrong” way, just sayin there are other ways that are more cost efficient, can benefit in multiple areas, and provide better progress as a team instead of just focusin on solo progress

Sure rogue is an odd class but on the other side she has a chance to return damage or a chance to evade it which both can help her survivability and her nearby aren’t effected by her rogue talent so she still has her use

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@Rigs no Wilbur… nothing good from Atlantis despite having 1 or 2 10 x every month! Luck has to change sometime

Ouch, hope it turns around sooner than later, he’s pretty awesome for a 4*

I kinda like how this became a conversation about whether or not emblems are necessary on Jackal.
Regarding Sif I do agree that it’s awkward to have both evade, riposte and damage reduction at the same time, but as a tank it provides longevity, and helps against spam damage from Vela, Seif, JF etc.

Against titans I’ve really benefited from the mana boost as well, as my team is Jackal, Joon, Sif, Joon (3-70) and wu Kong. My joons are basically Very Fast now and I don’t need to bring a healer cuz of the reduction. Granted my alliance is only fighting 7’s and 8’s.

In 3-2 raids and war attacks I’ve moved away from Onatel as the tank and have been using Sif. And for war defense my plan is to tank Kunchen, with Sif and GM as the flank. Is that too passive? Magni and Elkaned are my wings. (Until I max Telluria, and reconfigure everything lol).

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I think the defense will be alright

Curious how you plan to work telluria in?

Yeah, I’ll reset jackal +6 for now.

Was considering using sif on defense but we usually go Guin so I’m just holding, thanks.

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