Jackal and Emblems

Having a bit of a brain freeze here.

I just (finally) got a Jackel maxed out and am looking to max him on emblems. I should be going to attack route, given that he’s a fragile sniper, right? Some part of me wants to go defense just to try to keep him alive longer to use his special more, but I think he’s so fragile that it would be a waste.


EDIT: He’d generally be in the mix for Titans and Wars. I have a maxed Viv, Joon, Leo, and Wu.

Your thoughts are the right ones. Besides, it would be a really big mistake to do otherwise on rogue class. Your Jackal survivability relies on his class ability, not defense. So go for making him more lethal.


Good call. I think the only chance he has of surviving is with his Evade, anyway. So he might as well hit hard while he’s around.


I have two. My plan is to get one to +8 and go mana and then take the other one the health/attack route. Give the mana one a mana troop and the the more beefy one a crit. Other than that I plan on taking the attack route all the way. They currently die immediately with one hit from any 5* snipper. Dodge should really helps with that.


I have Jackal+10 and went full Atk as well. Jackal is Very Fast, so survivability does not matter as much. His talent should help with that anyway. Also, Atk Jackal +20 has almost 900 Atk, which friggin’ hurts when his special fires first time, and if you target for second one with that debuff still active, well…

Im confused. Been playing for more than a yr and embleming Jackel. I Know I can push the attack and the number goes up in the attack factor. His special is unchanged. I thought the attack factor was only for tile damage and did not effect his special damages. I’m i wrong?

Yes, his Special percentage stays the same, but as his Attack numbers increase, so does the damage by his special attack [attack x special percentage = attack damage]. 270% x 700 = 1890, but boost his attack with emblems to 900 and 270% x 900 = 2430.

OHHH so a hit all hero like Zimkitti I really not afraid of due to a 155% to all takes on another nature when her attack goes from 714 to 750 or better. This explains why other hit all hero’s I’m fighting and have emblems are hitting hard that I expect

I went Armor and HP for my first. Its the only way he will survive a hit from a 13-14* titan hit without items or buffs. If you’re fighting under that, I would go ATK.

I’ll get my second to 20. He is an awesome hero to have and multiples are even better while purple tanks rule.

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