Season 2 Avatar Missions


Thx Boolz, you’re the man!


FOX ans dragon 10-7 best :wink: !


What is the best one to farm atlantean drones + gadeiruses? im halfway to complete that, farming 25-9 atm. but dunno if there is a better one.

Too many option,… see the gaderius stages, which is all green text color means together with drones.
So, 25-1, 25-3, etc…

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No, for me 10-1 is much better… I have some little try, before later continue constant farming.

Stage Fox Monster Appearance
10-1 6,8,9,5,12,6
10-7 4,4,5

tnxs a lot :grin::grin:

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Thank you for this. I just finished the gashadokuro but still need about 600 kappas. I really want the gaderius avatar and the drone. 250 is crazy. I thought 200 was nuts…lol. I Only got hooked because months ago the avatar for the gashadokuro was actually shown as reward for the privateer. I was about halfway when it changed. Some people had it and lost it getting the privateer instead. I think there should have been some gems with it or we flasks. Esp the boss ones since you can only get 1 at a time. Gads stage is 9 tix. Even g during Atlantis rises its still 6. At least 14.9 was only 4. I guess that will be it for those since that’s 5. Time for s3 sg and add s2 to the tc. PLEASE…

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12-4 is my best since I am on 13-2 currently and don’t want to finish it till Atlantis summon

Does anyone know which level has the biggest number of drones? Note that just drones - I completed the Gadeirus mission long time ago so not necessarily interested in optimal drone + gadeirus ratio, just drones.

There is a useful graphic that floats around (below).

I believe the drones are relatively constant across all the levels which they appear…

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Thanks, I know this graphic though. I am more asking across the levels marked in green, which one is best.

Yeah, that was the second part of my reply :stuck_out_tongue:

I farmed mine across 24-10, 25-1 and, 27-7 depending on what else I was farming

Hi Guys!
Do you how can i give “. defeat season 2 unique enemy”
Which one level can i do again??
I like this Avotar really :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, what do you mean?

Maybe turn your game to English and try again?

You like to have the avatar for beating up Ursena or complete a mission?

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Hi sorry!
May be my keyboard was changed. Sorry.
It was mean about this avatar

Which one level can i do again?

You have to wait for Atlantis Rises and play lots of stages.

Those Orichalcum Seahorses only appear randomly on every S2 stage during a few days each month.

Maybe take a look here:


Where can o find more Morlocks?

Welcome to the forum, @Raylander !

If you are referring to the Season IV Savage Morlocks: 1-2, 1-4, 1-7 and 3-3 are some of the stages you can find them.
Also the thread bellow is helpful to find info about S4 missions. Good luck! :wink:

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