🕵 Missions – Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild)

Yup, and slightly more ham/iron


Dude even hard mode in s4 is easier than easy mode in s3

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Based on 8 runs of each 1-4 and 1-7 I’m concluding 1-4 is better for Savages. These results are statistically insignificant.

Metric 1-4 1-7
Runs 8 8
Monsters 13.4 12.6
Savages 6.4 6.1
Min Monsters 12 12
Max Monsters 15 13

The big difference is that 1-4 has given me multiple times with 15 total monsters.

What I’m finding interesting is I’ve assumed the first 3 waves have a 50% chance at a savage per monster, but i’m coming in closer to 42-43%.

I’ll switch to just doing 1-4 until I finish cyclops. Then I’ll run a few tests on 3-3 to see what that produces when I just need savages.


Province 1 stage 4 finishes all missions, with average 10 Morlocks per play.

Updated my tracking to include 3-3 and it looks like an early winner after you finish Cyclopes

Metric 1-4 1-7 3-3
Runs 9 8 6
Monsters 13.4 12.6 14.5
Savages 6.7 6.1 8.5
Min Monsters 12 12 13
Max Monsters 15 13 15

I focus more on monsters than actual savages as I assume savages are 50% of monsters in the non boss waves. 4 of my six runs on 3-3 have 15 monsters. I never got 15 monsters on 1-7 and only got 15 twice on 1-4.

These are small samples, but here’s my recommendation for anyone who hasn’t started/finished yet:

  1. Normal difficulty
  2. Hard difficulty
  3. 1-4 to finish cyclopes
  4. 3-3 to finish savages

This will also naturally complete the 80 Sandy Caves Map Stages.

We definitely could see better levels in provinces 4-6 beginning tomorrow.


Why there is no new missions when the event has already started ?

Because it’s the same region as last time…?

Same as in S3, new missions didn’t unlock until you reached the new realm.

We’re still in the Sandy Caves Biome (realm) and will be until province 6.


Thanks, @Guvnor. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Nothing yet here too

Maybe we need to reach stage 6 that is the first one out of the caves?


Yes, exactly this



So, is there a way to visually see how the missions are broken down ahead of time? Season 3 was a bit obvious with the names. I’m not going to bother farming stage 6 to complete the missions when it’ll take another 2 months before a new set of missions will appear. For all I can tell, stages 9 or 12 could be the start of the next set.

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Those avis look so ugly.

I luv them so much! <3

I get the image from a line group,thanks @cap


The Fungal Caves :slight_smile:

I’m guessing they’re linked to the biome appearance @Quinn3 , which can be found here

Fungal Caves will be provinces 6-11, so we have a couple months.

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Oh looks like more of the same.

The same ugly mobs as avatars while the heroes avatar are SIMPLY UNAVAIBLE by any way. Until now at least. Not mentioning thos ogres all look the same. The last nod of each mission should’ve at least a 3* hero.



650 & 80

Season 3 was 600 & 75. Already seeing an increase. Hopefully this nonsense isn’t exponential.


I noticed that too… though on balance, Season 2 was 800 & 100, with 5 sets of avatar missions. Season 3 had 9 sets. So I’m hoping Season 4 is somewhere in between, fewer total sets of avatars. So even if we have to kill more enemies per avatar, the release is slower and gives us more time…

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