🕵 [MASTER] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 4 (Underwild)

This thread is for information and discussion on the Season 4 Underwild Summon Portal, and sharing Summon Results.

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

For specific start / end dates, check out the #calendar for the month. Or the #digital_calendar for a longer forecast.

Start Time End Time Duration
Thursday 07:00 UTC Sunday 19:00 UTC 3.5 days

:man_superhero: Featured Heroes

Each Month there are three (3) featured heroes. As yet, there is no clear pattern to accurately forcast who will be the future Featured Heroes.

When a more reliable pattern is known, this section may (?) be updated to include a forecast.

@jinbatsu does an awesome job tracking the past & future (where a pattern is discerned) for featured heroes in this spreadsheet: EP Calendar Quest, Atlantis, Event Logs & Guess - Google Sheets

For links to all the various hero information & discussion threads, please make use of this directory:

🕵 Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild) – FAQ & Links

:game_die: Season 4 “Underwild Portal” Appearance Rates

Classic Season 1 Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 19.6%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 11.9%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 0.9%

Season 3 Heroes

  • Rare Season IV Hero: 51.4%
  • Epic Season IV Hero: 14.6%
  • Legendary (non-featured) Season IV Hero: 0.6%
  • Featured Legendary Season IV Hero: 1.0%


  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x)

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

Monetary Cost Listed working off Gems cost $99.99 US for 10,000. A 30x Summons costs $83.99 US.

Occurence 1x 10x 30x 100x 500x 1500x
US$ Cost of Summons Cost $3.49 $30 $84 $282 $1428 $7139
Any Season 4 (S4) Hero 67.6% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Any Season 1 Hero 32.4% 98.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Any S4 5* Hero 1.6% 14.9% 38.4% 80.1% 100.0% 100.0%
Any S4 Featured 5* Hero 1.0% 9.6% 26.0% 63.4% 99.3% 100.0%
Specific Featured 5* 0.3% 3.3% 9.5% 28.4% 81.2% 99.3%
Any S4 Non-Featured 5* 0.6% 5.8% 16.5% 45.2% 95.1% 100.0%
Specific Non-Featured 5* 0.1% 0.9% 2.5% 8.2% 34.9% 72.4%
Any S4 4* 14.6% 79.4% 99.1% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Specific S4 4* 1.5% 13.7% 35.7% 77.0% 99.9% 100.0%
Any S4 3* 51.4% 99.9% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

Note 2: These odds were accurate at the time of posting in June 2021. The “specific hero” odds will diminish as additional heroes are added to the portal.

Putting That in Perspective

Gems cost $99.99 US for 10,000. A 30x Summons costs $83.99 US.

  • If 1 million players each spent $30 USD & did 10 Summons, 497,884 of those players would NOT get a Season IV or Season 1 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $281.97 USD & did 100 Summons, 366,033 of those players would NOT get any Featured Season IV 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $1,427.86 USD & did 500 Summons, 188,351 of those players would NOT get a SPECIFIC Featured Season IV 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $4,199.58 USD & did 1,500 Summons, 276,300 of those players would NOT get a SPECIFIC Non-Featured Season IV 5* Hero

:dizzy: Bonus Ascension Material Chest


Much like the Season II (Atlantis) and Season III (Valhalla) Summon Portals, The Season IV “Underwild” Portal features a Bonus Ascension Material Chest, which contains a guaranteed Rare or Epic Ascension Material, and can also contain Rare and Epic Crafting Materials.

Also, like Atlantis/ Valhalla, the Bonus Chest fills with each 10 Summons, and there is a limit of 9 Chests per event.

Your progress towards the next chest also carries over to the next Underwild Summon event if you still have chests in stock, just like with the Atlantis / Valhalla Summon.

:gem: Summon Costs

The Summon Costs for the Underwild Portal match the Atlantis & Valhalla Portals:

  • Single Summon: 100 Underwild Coins or 350 Gems
  • Summon x10: 3000 Gems
  • Summon x30: 8400 Gems

:hammer: Underwild Coins

The first time a Stage is completed, a reward is given in Underwild Coins — which are just like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, but for Season 4.

Just the same as Season 2 & 3, Normal Mode Stages reward 3 Underwild Coins, and Hard Mode Stages reward 5 Underwild Coins — and there are 10 Stages per Province, so it’ll be the same 80 Coins per Province that Season 2 & 3 had.

Also like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, 100 Underwild Coins are required for a free Underwild Summon.

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Two tens - 18 3* and 2 4* :upside_down_face:

Nice start.

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32 summons: Hannah, Justice and the rest 3* and 4*s

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Since S4 started I never gained any of them, even a 3*, but today I got some luck, still without a S4 hero, but at least something different…


As expected then, the odds are absolutely awful


How would you guys emblem Hannah? I want to put her as a wing in my defense team.
Got her at the last summon with 700 coins!

Finally, THE THREAD!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the portal opened :joy: As I desperately needed to share this anomaly with the world :joy::rofl:

I did my pulls as soon as the portal opened. Tried Censures method, and only got 1* and 2* heroes. Figured, “ya know what?! F@$& Censures method.”

So I did 3 pulls and I got… 3 3*

Well :poop:

Then I - totally out of character - bought the offer to do more pulls, and on my very first three pulls:

(+ I got the HOTM a pull later :sweat_smile:)

Lol was the most insane thing I’ve ever experienced in this game. Kinda thought it was broken, and I could just keep hitting summon and out would pop another 5* :joy::rofl:

But is it wrong of me..

…to have wished for literally any other S4 for each :sweat_smile:?! Especially considering the Dr. was the only S4 5* I had prior to this?!.. Lol psshht, nah, shush Mir; appreciate it, appreciate the hell outta it :sunglasses:

Lol ah man, no way I’m ever gonna beat this one-hit wonder of mine ever again :joy::rofl:


(Figured I’d throw this in here too for posterity-sake)

Did a few more pulls throughout the event, to no avail, but just before the portal closed (<2 min), this happened:


…& I couldn’t be happier about it

So in total, that’s five unique, non-S1 5* out of 44 pulls total

(And the first four came from the first eight pulls :joy:)

…not too shabby if ya ask me :sunglasses: Definitely starting to forget about the 350 unsuccessful attempts it took getting here :sweat_smile:


Got the offer and pulled 2 Lepiota a hotm and a magni. Unfortunately I have Lepiota already. Kinda bummed.


That’s some insane luck! Congrats! I bought the offer and got squat. Last month I did pull Garjammal and Fogg in about 20 pulls, both non featured .6% chance.


I did 21 summons with coins. Was only going to use them this month if somebody exciting was featured, and it was (Hannah), so I had a go. Got Akkarog. Oh well, (a little) better than nothing. Rest was mostly s4 with a few dupes I might keep (mainly, Zila Lei). Plenty of Morrises to feed Malicna with.

No gem pulls till July now (Elradir is following me about to an embarrassing degree).

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Did one pull and I stopped there. One 3* and


Did those two pulls and i’m done for this portal.


Wtf what a joke. That’s more 5* in 4 pulls than I have got in the last 12 months. Ugh

I see the dark King of HA10 getting the nature HOTM. Congrats @Rafa_Correia03! :partying_face::tada:

Wowza, I have never seen such amazing summons @RandaPanduh. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: Huge congrats!! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Er, aren’t you only levelling your 5* to 3.70?

Meanwhile I did a single coins pull:

I love Kiril but just not from basically all of the summoning portals. :see_no_evil:


I was lucky this month. Did 10 pulls and got Elizabeth’s best partner.

But hey, the druid class has a lot of great heroes competing too much.

C.Kadilen, Freya, Emilio, and Hannah.



I had a very bad luck streak before this - that wasn’t shown - where I didn’t see a new 5* hero from a summons in over 350 pulls. Any 5* that I did obtain was a dupe.

(+ I’ve been playing 3 years and I’ve never had anything like this happen to me before :sweat_smile: - and probably never will again)


Did 10 pulls to try to get Hannah and got 2 Akkarogs. So in total 12 pulls… 2 Akkarogs and a Morel.
Can’t complaint.


Thank you :smiling_face:

& Yes!

“Onward, lil Garjammal and Akkorog, to 70 we go, just follow the yellow brick road, to hang with the rest of the gang!”

(Don’t mind me, I haven’t slept yet :joy:)

I had enough coins for 1 pull

I already tested him in raids and I love rearranging. Only problem is that I only have 2 darts so he will have to wait for a while.


Thanks again Sam, actually I have a huge headache now, 6 great green heroes to level up and only 4 tonics :sob:, only God knows when I’ll finish them…

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