🕵 End of an Era (Part 3) -- Season 4 Completion Thread

We’re HERE!! We Solved {bludgeoned our way thru} the Mystery of the Underwild!!

How do I complete the mission to “Solve the Mystery of the Underwild?”

There are two parts to this mission, the first is for finishing all 360 stages (10 per province) on Easy Mode. Then when this mission is complete, there is a replacement one which requires completing all 360 stages on Hard Mode.


There are two sets of rewards, one set for finishing each mission (easy & hard).

In addition to the shown rewards on the Mission Tab, there are a bunch of hidden Ascension Materials granted as rewards too.

You must complete ALL 360 provinces on Easy & Hard mode to unlock the rewards.

Ascension Mats
Underwild Coins
Normal Compass, Hidden Blade, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic Warm Cape
Damascus Blade, Mysterious Tonic
300 - 2 Aouda
Hard Fine Gloves, Trap Tools
Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Farsight Telescope, Royal Tabard, Poison Darts
500 - 2 Phineas Fogg

Province 36, Stage 10 – Final Boss Information

Note, the below section contains SPOILERS. I have hidden it away but an extra warning.

Click for information on S3 P36-10 Final Boss Fight!! Contains Spoilers

The boss

As with season 2&3, the final stage you face off against the “Big Evil”, who in this case is Demiurge… Well you face off a possessed Dr Moreau really…

Stage Effects

There are two is one stage effects.

One is Devouring Depths realm effect which has several impacts:
(1) holy heroes get an undispellable -50% blind ailment every 5 turns
(2) dark heroes get an undispellable +50% attack buff every 5 turns
(3) enemies are immune to status ailments or stacks

Devouring Depths effect removed on Feb 7th

The other is Unique Boss blessing which heals the boss & Dispells your buffs every 5 turns.


The Fight.

The fight itself is in 3 parts.

Part 1 is a normal map fight where you face off against Possessed Dr Moreau & 2 Abyssal Shades.

After defeating the 3 enemies it moves into a “titan style” fight where you face a mega Possessed Dr Moreau.
Like with titan fights there is a “stun spot” which prevents the enemy from doing slash attacks or casting their special skill.

After defeating Mega Possessed Dr Moreau, he dies… Then comes back reborn by the Demiurge, and even more pissed off!! In the third phase, you loose the stun spot…
It is possible to stun Mega Dr M but I wasn’t able to work out exactly what / how it happened… I think it’s to do with either amount of damage or # of tiles hitting him directly but am unsure.

Honest Thoughts?

This fight is actually quite hard… Between the Devouring Depths stage bonus of “no ailments” and the mega almost indestructible crystal shields the third phase really drags on and on and on… Definitely advise bringing overheal along and if you’ve got protection against fiends then they are going to help a lot too…

One major help is minion destroying heroes as they wipe out the Crystaline Shields instantly… So I’m talking heroes like Grimble, Gobbler, Costume Gormek, Captain of Diamonds, even Noor and Devana… These will dramatically improve the final fight.

Be prepared to sit back for a while and probably lose once or twice… Or even a couple more times.

Note screenshots were taken before Feb 7th Balance changes. Some stats have changed. Read more here: February 2022 Balance Update - Details & Release Notes

Above SS’s are of Normal Difficulty. Boss HP is higher in Hard Mode.

Season 5…??

There is nothing concrete just yet about a release date, but we have seen a sneak peak from staff and some of the heroes have made it into Beta now.
Note; this does not mean that anything is guaranteed…

S4 Heroes #beta-beat - 🧪 Early Information on New Season 5 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v46]

Click for "Sneak Peak" of Season 5

:speaking_head: Thoughts & Discussion

Feel free to share your teams, videos and thoughts / bragging on completing Season 4 here :slight_smile:

Some questions that may help shape your comments:

  • Are you close to done with Underwild provinces? Or long way to go?

  • What do you think of the storyline and progression?

  • What do you think about the difficulty level of Season 4?

  • Are there particular heroes or teams you’ve used a lot for Season 4 Stages?

  • What team / power did you use to defeat the final stage of Season 4? Easy & Hard mode?

  • Other things you’d like to share?

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Major spoiler / tip:


This is @YukimuraSanada YT video… Normal mode… Warning explicit language :warning: :rofl::wink:



[SOLVED] Where is Kravekrush? (Will be Available in February) - Bugs & Issues - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)

There he is :slight_smile:

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How am I supposed to beat Dr Moreau after he revives? He just keeps spamming minions. Would grimble work on these minions? Help please!

Me went with my red titan team. Blue mono. :).
Me lost 2 tries with my farming team.

what was the loot for season finish?

I went in with Ariel, Richard, Glenda, Pengi and Gazelle. The boards were absolutely terrible, hardly any blue tiles but with some mana pots i could make it, its still frustrating as hell with those minions.


I got 300 coins, 2 troop tokens, 1 D blade, 1 tonic and 1 of each 3* non farmable AM.


So this was the last province in S4 :slight_smile:

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Same of the past seasons, TY



Yes it was 20 characters

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I finally cleared it. Grimble was the answer for me. Now I’m thinking of ascending him as he is 3-70.


Hey there, does he immune to status ailments? Does Bera work to stop his minion spamming?

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Yes, he is immune so no Bera action.


honnestly very difficult this last step even in easy mode. Dr Moreau is a pain with his minions. Will try the blue option as well

I have the feeling the last wave is bugged. Was able to stun him but he doesn’t have the visible weak spot. Then how was I able to stun his ■■■?

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Can anyone post some video / screenshots, please?

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Ouch :frowning:, thanks you for your reply