🕵 Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild) – FAQ & Links

:spiral_calendar: Season 4 Schedule

Season 4 is set to premiere in March 2021: 2021-03-25T07:00:00Z2021-03-29T07:00:00Z

From that point it is set to recur every 4 weeks, based on this thread: Changes to Event Schedule (March 2021 Onwards)

:question: FAQ

:spider: Fiends??

Popped up a couple times so I will summarise a bit:

  • Fiends are like Minions but different.
  • They occupy a minion “slot” on the recieving hero.
  • They are not able to be damaged/ removed by any hero specials (yet) such as by Grimble, Bera, Gobbler, Costume Gormek etc…
  • They also do NOT trigger Noor’s innate ability
  • They are NOT affected / blocked by Vela’s innate resistance
  • They are ONLY affected when the hero special SPECIFICALLY mentions “Fiends” (such as Uraeus).
  • The only way (currently) to remove/ get rid of Fiends is to:
    • provide the requisite quantity of healing; or
    • displace them with more minions

If you have additional questions, please submit them below.

:hammer: Underwild Coins

The first time a Stage is completed, a reward is given in Underwild Coins — which are just like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, but for Season 4.

Just the same as Season 2 & 3, Normal Mode Stages reward 3 Underwild Coins, and Hard Mode Stages reward 5 Underwild Coins — and there are 10 Stages per Province, so it’ll be the same 80 Coins per Province that Season 2 & 3 had.

Also like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, 100 Underwild Coins are required for a free Underwild Summon.

:mount_fuji: Biomes

New to Season 4 is a “Biome” effect which applies to every stage in Season 4 Map (so far).

The Biome Effect has two parts;

  1. a passive ability for all enemies in that biome
  2. a status effect/s given every 5 turns to your heroes.

Biome effects are just like normal cleansable Status Effects. So they can be blocked by an Ailment Blocker (e.g. Grazul, Garnet or Vanda) and can be dispensed of by a cleanser (e.g. Rigard or Ariel).

Click for Summary/ Distribution of Biomes

Biome Effects

Biome Provinces Passive Effect
Sandy Caves
S4 1-9 All Enemies have an Innate Resistance to ailments that affect Accuracy. Heroes Get the follow Stats Effects every 5 turns:
  • All Holy heroes get +50% attack for 4 turns.
  • All Dark heroes get -50% accuracy for 4 turns.
  • Neither effect can be cleansed.
Fungal Caves
S4 6-11 All Enemies have an Innate Resistance against Poison. Heroes Get the follow Stats Effects every 5 turns:
  • All Nature heroes get +100% power for Special Skill attacks for 4 turns.
  • All Fire heroes get -90% mana generation for 4 turns.
  • Neither effect can be cleansed.
Crystal Rocks
S4 12 - 15+ (?) All Enemies have an Innate Resistance against Ailments effecting Defence. Heroes get the following status effects every 5 turns:
  • All Fire heroes get +80% critical chance for 5 turns.
  • All Ice heroes get -50% defence for 5 turns.
  • Neither effect can be dispelled.

Province & Biome List

NOTE: There are 10 Stages in Province 1, just like there are in each of the Season 2 & 3 Provinces; if not the case this will be updated.

Biome Number Province Name
Sand Caves Biome 1 Underground Entrance
" 2 Dusty Stones
" 3 Sandfall
" 4 Curious Caverns
" 5 Glimmering Rocks
Fungal Caves 6 Dikarya valley
" 7 Galuke’s Grotto
" 8 Sporengall
" 9 Twisted Roots
" 10 Darkwind Stronghold
" 11 Hollow Lake
Crystal Rocks 12 Amber Vista
" 13 Goldrocks
" 14 Searing Cliffs
" 15 Redstone Valley
??? 16 Boulder Lake
17 Deep Lagoon
18 Underwater Hallows
19 Umbar’s Deep
20 Forgotten Waters
21 Misty Tunnels
22 Grave of Anothos
23 Boneburrow
24 Echoing Caverns
25 Xnolphod’s Chasm
26 Bonechill
27 Freezing Fathoms
28 Grimmwastes
29 Crystal Caverns
30 Frostwaste
31 Coldwind Pass
32 Devouring Depths
33 Steps of Despair
34 Path of Solitude
35 Crystalline Gates
36 Abyssal Citadel

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Gameplay Strategy & Storyline

Summoning & Offers

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Beta Information

Pre-Release Announcements & Discussion


Hi @Guvnor :slightly_smiling_face:

Stupid question, but what happened to Russula?

I probably missed it…

Thanks in advance :sparkles:


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Not included in this release:


Thanks @Guvnor


I ran out of “likes” :joy:


May I just say how much I like the little icon identifying s4 threads? I’m sure it’s just a stock one but it’s a great choice. Gives me a chuckle.


Yeah it’s a stock one but I figure that “underwild” was close to “undercover” so went with the Spy style haha


Not sure where to post this but I can confirm that Garnet’s ailment block DOES apply to the biome effects. So by extension Grazul’s must work too (and Gato’s if you want to use him for some reason :sweat:)


And sneaking through caverns. Also reminiscent of the Invisible Man (Griffin).

Correct, they are still an ailment. Grazul/ Garnet/ Vanda/ Gato all block the application of AILMENTS… Irrespective of the source :slight_smile:

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First things first that new map looks awesome. Genuinely stunning.

I love the Journey to the centre of the world vibe with this and the way it gets deeper. I’m in love.

I’m not getting in the OPness of new heroes, that’s for a different day. I just want to applaud SGG on making a cool looking new thing for us to play.

I tip my top hat to you :tophat::tophat:


Me seeing the biome gimmick: oh, something to artificially increase the difficulty of your stages. That’s cute, my guardian chameleon says hi


There’s another picture floating around to promote Season 4, much like the one at the top of this thread, but it has one major difference I am very curious about. Who is the redheaded woman holding the golden skull idol? I am familiar with the heroes that were released today as well as the artwork of all those who were not, and there are four Legendary females yet to be published (Aouda, Garjammal, Russula, & Zenobia) and the redhead is none of them, so who is she? Mrs. Indiana Jones? :rofl:

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I can see the red head being Zenobia.

Question: Do the Fiends count as minions or no?

Yes. But no.

Yes they take up a minion slot on the hero. But No they do not count as a minion in every other regard (they don’t take damage, they aren’t affected by a “minion” hero such as Grimble)


I had feeling that would be it. Appreciate it Guvnor

So due to the dome you’re not able to get the boost attack from Black Knight I noticed. It’s an different effect in my opinion and should just stack like it always does :thinking:

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Definitely not Zenobia.

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Can someone clarify something for me please…
On the first province all Holy and Dark heroes have effects applied every 5 turns…that last 5 turns…and that can’t be removed. Wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the 5 turns from the wording considering the effects are permanent anyway? Or am I missing something?

It is vs Gazelle owners. So, after dance ends, effects will be back)


How many provinces are opened?