Empires & Puzzles Missions

All mission listed here, scroll down for Season 2 missions:

I will appreciate corrections and/or additions (maybe I have missed one or two missions).


Great work.

I always thought it was a shame that the winnable avatars were predominantly of unpopular heroes.

I like Domitia but having Tuck or Renfeld as an avatar is like cosplaying as the George Clooney batman


I already have the Emperor Moth avatar from Season 2 mission. Now working on the Gold Macaw.

In a way I really wish there was a log showing completed mission instead of them falling off the mission list (yes, it will get very cumbersome if the completed missions are listed there). Because I cannot fathom when I had competed the 1000 TC trainings. I might have done it, just can’t remember.

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Now if they would triple the gems for achieving these mission, as is it a kinda of a sad that if you complete all season 1 missions you have earned enough gems to summon less than 3 epics.

One month VIP gives more gems than completing 95 missions.


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