📯 Missions – Season 3 (Valhalla)

It’s gems actually for the special stages. I don’t remember how many, but the current one for Muspelhein in 15 gems.


Yes. I’m working on those. I thought your original post was regarding the “mission” at the top of your screen capture, not the special stage mission at the bottom. My apologies for misunderstanding.

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Yeeep, I’m already on 800/1600 Bomblets! I may finish it before next map unlocks.

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OP Updated with more missions & the latest guides / infographics.


Looks like I am off a bit and played a little bit more 24-5 and 24-9 first, so now I am done with Teaks, but still a few hundred off on the Goos. Is there a stage that’s good for just the Goos of Dread? I have been doing 24-7, since I did not have to worry about the special stage bombs and the Teak boss is usually flanked by 2 Goos.

I also doing 24-7 Until the Teak finished, and continue 24-7 for Goos, so I’m done without doing 24-5 or 24-9.

Bu let see another resource from @Lavan.

It seems 24-5 and 24-9 are the favorite. You can try and compare some of couple try maybe?

My current progress:

Updates: I currently play 25-1N for Lava while no other todo with WE.


Thanks @jinbatsu, I did notice that graphic, I wonder if those stages were favored because they contained 2 Teak bosses at the end. All three stages appear to be 4 waves, and the Goos get mixed in with the Bats, so I noticed there are waves that could contain no Goos, just the bats. According to @Rfm’s numbers up top, 24-7 could have up to 7 Goos per run, but honestly it didn’t feel like that many (again, really wasn’t paying very much attention), not really wanting to do the Special Stages again, I think I will 24-7 (not literally, snort snort) the rest on 24-7, at least there are guaranteed 2 Goos flanking the Teak boss at the end, whereas 24-5 and 24-9 may have variable numbers of the Goos, but they aren’t always guaranteed to be in high appearance.

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yes, that’s why I just use 24-7 forever to get both Goos and Teak. After special completed.

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Anyone know what’s the best level to do the Niflheim quest (19-2,4,6,8, or 10) if you’ve already finished Masks (with Sprites)? I don’t see anything past S3.15 in @BarryWuzHere’s farming guide nor any posts recommending anything other than 19-6 if you still have Masks left.

Also, what’s the best for dust sprites alone? Have a few left.

This month will be released three more stages or all 5 left?.

Since there’s more than 5 left, we’ll get 3 as usual.

Once you get to the current stage end it displays 4 more in the center.

And I expect at least 1 more beyond that.

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There are 10 left…

The Asgard map is more detailed now, and the 37th? zone above the City of Asgard is distinct although very small. May not be an actual zone, or maybe Yggdrasil is the last zone.


Why only one province is dark in Asgard not others ? Because normally province r dark until we reach there ?

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Do we have new missions or no missions so we can catch up with the previous ones? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

New avatar = Elf Watchmen (after Lava Bomblets)

I still not yet finish Firebeetle.


What about a stage in new Provinces that has both Lava Bomblets and Firebeetles? Anybody managed to complete all normal/hard mode stages yet?

Bad news… there aren’t any. I completed all Normal stages. None have both Firebeetles and Lava Bomblets.






Any report on the new bow missions yet? I’m only 65% through. :cry:

Yes. Enc moose…

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