Bonuses realm, missions S3, runic rocks, heroes realm S3

9 realms and heroes

Norns Added (v28)

Runic rock

Midgard bonus with stages(updated 2920/02/28)

Avatar S3

Aged rhino and axes added ( 20.03.27)

:test_tube: Early Information on Season 3 Valhalla Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

:postal_horn: Valhalla Coins Availability Discussion/Feedback – Season 3 (Valhalla)


I should note: the purple rocks’ poison damage stacks with Proteus’ DOT. Haven’t tested with Sartana yet, but I imagine it would, too.

I’m pretty sure the red rocks’ burn damage stacked with Marjana’s burn DOT too, but I need to confirm.

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I can confirm it stacks with Colen’s burn.


They all stack with existing status effects.

They were made to be separate so they would — that’s actually something that changed along the way in Beta.


heroes updated in post 1

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