📯 End of an Era (Part 2) -- Season 3 Completion Thread

Credit to @zephyr1 for the inspiration of this thread here: 🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

We’re HERE!! We Solved the Mystery of the 9 Realms!!

How do I complete the mission to "Solve the Mystery of the 9 Realms?

There are two parts to this mission, the first is for finishing all 360 stages (10 per province) on Easy Mode. Then when this mission is complete, there is a replacement one which requires completing all 360 stages on Hard Mode.


There are two sets of rewards, one set for finishing each mission (easy & hard).

In addition to the shown rewards on the Mission Tab, there are a bunch of hidden Ascension Materials granted as rewards too.

You must complete ALL 360 provinces on Easy & Hard mode to unlock the rewards.

Ascension Mats
Valhalla Coins
Normal Compass, Hidden Blade, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic
Damascus Blade, Mysterious Tonic
300 - 2 Sif
Hard Fine Gloves, Trap Tools
Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Farsight Telescope, Royal Tabard, Poison Darts
500 - 2 Thor

Province 36, Stage 10 – Final Boss Information

Note, the below section contains SPOILERS. I have hidden it away but an extra warning.

Click for information on S3 P36-10 Final Boss Fight!! Contains Spoilers

The boss

As with season 2, the final stage you face off against the evil entity Nidhogg.

As an extra bonus, you also fight Surtre and Ymir again (don’t ask me how they came back to life again after Loki stole the runestone back again but hey…)

Stage Effects

There are two stage effects.

One is Yggdrasil’s Blessing which gradually increases the damage dealt (by both sides) from 1x → 2x bonus damage.

The other is Unique Boss blessing which heals the boss & Dispells your buffs every 5 turns.

The Fight.

The fight itself is in 4 parts.

Part 1 is a normal map fight where you face off against Surtre, Ymir and Nidhogg at once.

After defeating the 3 enemies it moves into a “titan style” fight where you face each of the three bosses individually.
First you face Ymir, then Surtre and then finally Nidhogg.
Like with titan fights there is a “stun spot” which prevents the enemy from doing slash attacks or casting their special skill.

Note that Yggdrasil’s Blessing resets at the start of each new phase.

Above SS’s are of Normal Difficulty. Boss HP is higher in Hard Mode.

Season 4…??

There is nothing concrete just yet about a release date, but there has been a tentative time region given in the 2021 Sneak Peak. The tentative timeline is Q1 or Q2 of 2021.
Note; this does not mean that anything is guaranteed…

S4 Heroes #beta-beat - 🧪 Early Information on ROUND 1 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v36]

Click for "Sneak Peak" of Season 4

:speaking_head: Thoughts & Discussion

Feel free to share your teams, videos and thoughts / bragging on completing Season 3 here :slight_smile:

Some questions that may help shape your comments:

  • Are you close to done with Valhalla? Or long way to go?

  • What do you think of the storyline and progression?

  • What do you think about the difficulty level of Season 3?

  • Are there particular heroes or teams you’ve used a lot for Season 3 Stages?

  • What team / power did you use to defeat the final stage of Season 3? Easy & Hard mode?

  • Other things you’d like to share?

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S03 complete with two 4* in the team

Hope it helps


I really wanted to see the mission rewards.

Was this on normal?

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Thank you for completing valhalla so quickly.

I can’t lie, I’m disappointed with the rewards rewards :sweat::sob:


Yes it was normal mode but I just completed hard and am uploading to YouTube now. I’ll post as soon as it’s finished. Oh and I used the same team too :wink:


How come is acceptable to access this level


Thank you for posting it and congratz! How many flasks did you use today? :slight_smile:
I hope you pulled at least one nice hero after all that effort!

I’m not sure what I was expecting as rewards for completing it but I think I was hoping for something more than the ones we got from completing S2.

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I used 15 and I got a thor and hotm so very happy


oh seriously, of course all 4 star mats are welcome. but I urgently need a tonic and exactly this one is missing in rewards package…

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The end of an era, indeed. I thought the plot had some promise in the first several months but it kind of fell flat toward the end. Pretty neat the way the final stage played out (not going to spoil it for others) and I found it quite challenging…not looking forward to Hard mode and the WE grind that comes with it.


It’s okay they sent one over with other items too


hard mode


Thor avatar


Thread all updated :slight_smile:

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Story became lame in the end.


Lol, I just find it funny how sped-up Ymir looks like he’s lazily dancing to podcast music. Also I find highly ironic you’re using Alfrike in this one.

Anyway good job. Did last stage yesterday on normal, hard one is scheduled for tomorrow, because I need those last darts for Odin.


I’m still in muspelheim on normal and haven’t started hard. Not that I find it particularly difficult, just lacking the motivation to map.

I seem to be spending all my time raiding and burning any flasks I get then loot ticketing to fill monster chest.

Really need to get my act together and finish it, but at least will get the benefit of reduced energy costs

Finally completed hard mode today. That last stage was brutal but worth it