Tarlak vs wu ... or miki?

Hello !
I have Wu max. Tarlak at 3.70 and miki at 1.1

My alliance is at 7* titans. Should I start use tatlak insteed of wu ? … 2 or 3 time i hit with tatlak but I still trust wu more … ( 5 rounds not 4 as tarlak have ).
On long run tarlak should improve my titan score?

Miki , i just got it. Not in my focus now. I think it should better than tarlak. Reason : 5 turns vs 4 as tarlak has.

Tarlak special goes to fast

I just did this :slight_smile:

You can already replace Wu Kong with Tarlak and see improvements if his skill is maxed out.
You can still use Wu Kong on purple titans.


As @FraVit93 notes, you should bring Tarlak in for most titans. I would use Wu against both purple and red titans, Tarlak on yellow, blue and green.

Miki would change the mix. Tarlak would just get blue titans, Wu just purple, and Miki the other three.

Unless you have a deep bench of other heroes, however, I’d counsel against raising Miki for now. He and Tarlak are very similar, and you’ll probably do better by building out a deeper bench of other blue heroes first.


@Kerridoc and @FraVit93 thank you !
I will try tatlak more. I just hate at tarlak the 4 rounds only :slight_smile:

Miki … i have frida at 3.70 and 1 item miss to max it. …so miki later on …

Even then, Frida wants to play with another blue striker. Grimm would work; Richard or Thorne will work better (or use Frida/Grimm/Richard|Thorne for real devastation). Think of Miki as an amplifier—you need a good sound source to make the amp worthwhile.

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I have all 3. Wu and Tarlak maxed and Miki at 3.33 currently. One advantage that Tarlak and Wu both have is that they have high tile damage regardless of their special. So depending on who you have, it makes sense to have them in your green and yellow stacks regardless.

So on purple titans, I run Miki/Wu/Chao/Joon/Li Xue. (don’t have another compelling yellow) I don’t use Wu’s special unless Miki dies or if Wu is charged, Miki isn’t (and no blues are on the board) and there are a lot of yellow combos to be had.

On blue titans, I’m experimenting with Miki/Tarlak/Hansel/Caedmon/Buddy or Melendor. Since their specials overwrite each other and you don’t have any accuracy issues like with Wu, you can have one of their specials running almost the whole time you’re fighting with using just a few minor mana potions to help out. Even if you don’t use Tarlaks special, his 824 attack is stellar.

But it really just depends on your bench and who else you have. For me, I have no other compelling blue projects so I’ll take Miki to 3.70 b/c I have only 3 telescopes at the moment.


Hi! I have them all but only joon hansel wu and tarlak are leveled up for the moment

BTW, to really get all the goodness out of Miki/Tarlak/Wu/Ranvir you should bring mana potions. Hold them until you’re about to trigger a good set of tiles, then make sure you’ve got that attack buff active. This need is particularly great with Miki, as he’ll be the last blue to charge, meaning you’ve already lost his buff on at least 12 blue tiles.


Thanks ! I am trying. Now i am experimenting 3 1 1 formations. I am have for all colors 3 max heros:
Better to say 3.7 :stuck_out_tongue:

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