Merging wanted - 15 people looking for a new home

I’m Ahm, leader of To Death and Glory. :skull:

We’re about 14 players who would like to merge with another Alliance.
We’ve been recruiting for some time, but we understand is hard to let go your friends.

we enjoy taking out Titans, and serving them as dinner, we also do our best in wars, although sometimes life gets in the way.

Our levels vary, but we have more than 2 years playing, so we want to reach the next level of the game by facing greater challenges with other players.

Take a look to our Alliance, maybe we can find an arrangement.

We basically don’t want any of our friends to be kicked out without consulting the rest first, after all, we’ve been mates for more than 2 years…

We’re active players and we enjoy wars and chat about strategies to improve our game experience.

Take a look to our Alliance as well, maybe you could decide to join us instead, we would gladly receive new players.

Waiting for your comments.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey mate - I posted on here not long ago. Potential is there for a merge - check out my post and see if our goals/values etc align and we can discuss further if you’re interested.


Hi Ahm
I am leader of King of the North. We have a big familiy of 11 alliances at all levels. We may be able to have a merge with one of our alliances, that seems to be a good fit for what you are looking for.
Please reach out for a chat on Line: Julia-north if you are interested.

You can check out the description of our North family here:

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Hogwarts Castle would love to have your like-minded group join us. Unfortunately, we only have 10 spots open right now. All members are active on some level, so no way to make more room right now.

If you have inactives and/or people that wouldn’t make the move over, feel free to reach out. I’m on Line at TahoWF (not used or required at Hogwarts) if you want to chat outside the forum.

Thank you all for your replies.
I’m discussing this with my team. Will let you know if more details are required.

:smiley: :wave:

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All good mate! Have looked at your alliance and we seem like a very good fit for each others Teams, and are very keen for a merge ourselves.

Hope to hear soon.

All the best


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Check out equator alliances we are a group of 5 different groups and cater to all playing types. Come inquire we have a place for you.

Equator alliances is a family of 5 alliances. We have room for you.
We also offer access to our extensive library with no obligation to join us just for stopping by and having a chat.
The link will bring you to our welcome channel

Hello mate.
I’ve also took a look into your Alliance. My friends are happy with the idea of joining you.
Just a couple of questions. Since we have distinct nationalities, it may be difficult for some of us to engage in Wars using wave strategy. is it ok?
Currently we’re in war, maybe we will schedule the merging before the next one… or if some of my friends are busy, we may make the movement after that…

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Thank you all for your replies, I’m still checking with the rest of my friends.

Hey mate! Awesome - great to hear, looking forward to the merge :slight_smile: Merging anytime after the current War is perfect. Regarding your question - where are you mostly based? We can definitely adapt our wave strategy to suit, because in the past we have had members in the USA and Canada on our team in completely different timezones, which worked.

Where is the best place to discuss more detail with you before the merge? Im happy to just discuss on here (I dont have Line or Discord anymore, but happy to get it again if youd rather discuss on there). Not too much to cover off really, its basically all in my prior post, just want to make sure you and your team are happy with everything.

Look forward to hearing from you.


It’s ok in here. i just don’t want to disturb the rest of people who kindly offered a place too.
But no PM messages are allowed in this forum, and I don’t have other communication apps for the moment.
Regarding the merge, recently, we have been suffering from some abscenses, due to Covid, but we want to save a spot for those members for a while… problem is, we may require 15 free spots in your alliance… do you have enough?

All good, no problem! Yeah its been a rough few years for alot of people, not suprised there has been some disruption for some of your team. In terms of spots available - we have 13 at present. Is that not going to work? Be a shame to miss such a good opportunity for both of our alliances, but whatever works best for your team is the right thing to do :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are still able to merge, 100% still interested - and look forward to hearing from you again.


Thanks Cam. We’re still discussing this. Some of our members may not come back, but they used to be active players. That’s why we would like to give them an extra time.
Anyway, we’re still checking, will let you know.

  • Ahm.
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All good Ahm, that is 100% fine. Best thing is to discuss with your Team, and make sure you’re all happy with what you ulitmately decide.

Hopefully hear back with an answer today, so we can get the ball rolling if you decide to merge.


Hey mate!

I see youve updated the post, and that youve confirmed that youre looking for 15 spots in total, so im assuming youve decided to keep looking now?

Just want to confirm - 100% all good with whatever decision you have decided as a Team :slight_smile: I have been approached by another Alliance that has 13 people looking to merge with us, but want to wait for confirmation that you are now looking elsewhere first.


yes my friend, thank you very much for the offer.
As you mentioned, is difficult to have all the players happy, but what I see they want the most, is stay together for a while…
if you have another team already waiting, go ahead.
Best of luck, and thanks!

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Hi Ahm,

Thats perfectly fine and understandable, no worries at all :slight_smile:

I hope you and your alliance find a suitable new home, and good luck on your E&P Journey!


I am the leader of Dons & Divas.Look us up we would welcome and accommodate you all. We would make a amicably solution which benefit both parties. I musz just sa. In brief what our philosophy here is. No Drama, No Idlers, and No War Jumpers. We are a decent group. We are active and currently killing 8 ☆ Titans. Let me know if your interested. My line id is thor2dworld.