Hogwarts Castle Looking For Members - Muggles Welcome!

Hogwarts Castle is looking for new members, whether individual or another alliance wanting to merge with us. Muggles are welcome!

We are a casual guild that understands that real life comes before a game. We do not use chat apps or communicate and organize outside the game. (My Line is TahoWF if you’re interested in getting more information, though.)

We want to defeat titans and participate in wars. If you want or need to opt out of wars, that’s fine. We just ask you to communicate and let us know.

We currently have 17/30 members. Most of our members are experienced, but we have a few newer/lower level players and we’re happy with that, too! I just took over leadership today as our founder retired from the game due to some personal issues. We have also recently lost a few members because what they were looking for from the game no longer fit what we are. And we wish them well with no hard feelings.

I would give you the bonafides of our levels and raid points and all that jazz, but honestly? I don’t care. You can come find our guild in the alliance list and take a look. I usually float around 2400 raid points myself, but I very rarely actively do raids. And I really don’t care if you or any of our other members do them (apart from wars if you’re opted in).

So if you’re looking for a fun, casual alliance, come check us out. Joining is currently open. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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Dumbledore has finally joined the castle! But we still have plenty of spots open for new wizards, witches, and muggles alike. Come check out Hogwarts Castle. Visit. Chat. Stay a while.

Unfortunately, Dumbledore took an I’ll-advised trip to the astronomy tower and has left Hogwarts Castle. But that just leaves more spots in our alliance for you to join us!

My Line name is TahoWF if you’re interested in chatting.

We’ve had six new members over the past couple weeks. That includes a small alliance merge with some great people met right here!

If you’re interested in joining Hogwarts Castle, come check us out. Or contact me on Line at TahoWF if you’d like to chat a little bit before committing.

Happy to say my partner and I and one friend joined Hogwarts Castle a week ago and love it!!! Highly recommend it if you’re active players but looking for a more casual group and less pressure so you get to go back to enjoying the game!!

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