Group of players seeking alliance merger (details inside)

Hello everyone,

We’re a mixed group of players, some new, some veterans, we’ve been rolling around in this alliance for the last 2 years or so, pretty drama free, minimal pressure. After most of our leadership left or retired, we’ve slowly been whittled down down to just a small group.

We’ve discussed and agreed we would like to merge with another alliance to hopefully inject some new energy into the group.

Any of you guys in a similar situation?

Please PM me for a Line ID to discuss any more details.


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Hello there! We have 10 open spots in our alliance and desperatly need new blood to balance. We have two rules we swear by- hit titan when online.War is optional but when opted in use all flags.We are usually pretty laid back and drama free,unless I have to remind people of the rules.Sorry I dont have line but you are welcome to check us out - Coffee,Cigarettes & Wine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Kuro, awesome, thanks for the proposal, let me forward the offer to the group and see what they think. :smiley:

A castelo de guerra está precisando de membros de muitos.

Hey sorry I only speak English :cold_sweat:

we are interested in a merge. You can message me @jules0@ LINE. thanks

Hi Tok,

Lobster Stew is a pleasant place to enjoy the game. We support one another, celebrate each others’ milestones.

One strict rule, use all flags if participating in war. We match war tank colors and have a wide level of experience (from beta participants to newbies).

Killing 9* and some 10* titans (the rares).

Hey @Sternman, do you have Line? We can chat there - og_tokolosh

Yes, sternman is my line ID, I think my name shows up as Capitan

Just sent you a chat

Loot Hunters would like to discuss a possible merger. We are a 50/50 US/Europe alliance, coordinated wars, currently green tanks.
Killing 9/10 star Titans.
We like to have fun and respect everyone’s input
Line me at : Vanessa Roman if you would like to discuss

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Tokolosh, To Death and Glory have 11 spots available if you’re interested

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