Alliance Merger Rainbow of Death

Rainbow of Death is looking to merge Alliances. It’s tough recruiting, but we have 19 members 18 over 2k cups, 10 over 2300. Why go recruiting 1 at a time? If you are down to 11 members and want to make a powerful Alliance check us out

Shame you only need 11. There is 16 of members in mine. All active and we won all 6 wars we had so far since we left Open Alliance.

Do all 16 of y’all wanna merge?

Good luck. It is tough with so many vacancies. I’ll update as things change.

Yup all 16. We are using all flags and that is really important to us. We still trying to invite people over to join us but it is hard work. We are all in either diamond tier or one below and do like killing most titans that are within our reach so 8* and some 9*. It is hard with 9’s as when there is only 16 of us we need to make around 130k damage each. We are not scared using flask tho. We don’t use line or discord and organising strategy over chat. We were annoyed a bit with old alliance we were in that not all wanted same thing so that’s why we left. Now a little bit scared that merging with another group we would go same route, so if anyone wants to merge would be nice if you come to us. We are also equal so all members are co-leaders.

All 16 of you are 2k cups?

There is 18 now and all above 2000 cups. I hit number 1 spot few days ago with max cups of 3100. There are 10 of us above 2400.

We have 6 to 8 players 3000+ defense teams willing to join. We are very active (real life friends and family) - so if you need daily active players - we are “all in” :slightly_smiling_face:

This thread is for Rainbow of Death. If you want to discuss a different merger, please open a new thread and invite each other to it with the @symbol.


Sorry @Rook will do :slight_smile:

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Vuchew. Search for us in game under Rainbow of death. Come visit for a day and see if we are a fit or you can all join and stay as long as you like.

Any alliance wanna merge with us? Check out Blunt force specialists.

We are a group of 16 and most of my guys are 2k+ cups and 4K+ team power.
If interested line me at top702.

Thx again

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