Good core of fun and active players looking for a merger

My Lil Pwny is looking for a good group of 10-15 active players for a merger. We have a great leadership team and a good core of mature, experienced players. We use blue tanks in war and are currently hitting 7* titans because we are missing the said number of active players. All war players use all flags. We also use Line. We are opened to either joining an existing alliance and switching name or welcoming any number of new players that fit in.

Slt, les barbares ont 10 places à prendre. Nous on utilise discord pour échanger. En gda, obligation de faire les 6 frappes et Titan, nous sommes à 8 et on est déjà monter à 10. Venez faire un tour et choisissez après…
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We are looking for English speaking alliance, sorry about that

Unfortunately not all of us can do 100k on 10* titans

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Possible we are Holy Wolves… 20 active and 1800 min trophies. We hit 8-9-10 star titans consistently…and win wars 75% with Green tanks. Long time member and need more active…EJ

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Hello Gilles, I have an alt account that I’d like to have join your alliance after this current war. I’ll hang out for about a week, chat, hit Titan and discuss merger after if that’s agreeable. Our alliance is called Loot Hunters, we are a 50/50 US/UK alliance currently slaying 9* titans. We have Line but it is optional. Our wars are coordinated but not militant. We currently have 25 members but some are alts that can be moved to make room and we have been recently discussing dismissing others for more active players facilitating our growth. Let me know if I can hang out for a bit.

Hello there,
We are actually discussing the acceptation of a merger with another group. If we end up not joining that one, I will let you know and yes, we would welcome you without a problem, and discuss everything we need to discuss. Wathever happens i’ll keep you posted

[#5CB3FF] Irate Pirates
One week old Alliance

[#F87431] We are currently recruiting and looking for Active Players! We are battling 10 Star Titans! Must Actively participate in both Titan Battles & Use all flags in Wars! [#F70D1A] Come Check Us Out!
We are a global alliance but speak English and have 13 spots open currently if your still looking to join a group. Currently using red tanks but we ask around and that can change.

Good deal, will be standing by

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