Join the ★ North ★ family, for top playing and fun. 11 alliances for all levels and playing styles. Look for the stars in game and latest posts here

Come join a high performing family with no tolerance for drama.
We are 11 alliances strong, currently 4 alliances staying in top 100.
Each of our alliances are having individual leaderships, requirements and policies.
We joined together, over the years, to make an international alliance family, fit for all kinds of active and friendly members.
We are looking out, for all our members to grow, have fun in game and make the best of what they got. We are not pushing for spending or hours of daily grinding.

We will give you all the support you need to become a better player. Each of our alliance has different requirements that will suit different styles of play. So come chat to us today, we would love to hear from you.
All North alliances share Line groups for game advice, strategies, General game chat & help and off- topic fun.
Our alliances include:


Leader Julia (LINE: Julia-north)

Top alliance for 4 years, going for a no-stress top competitive approach.

Caring for our members to stay with us for the long haul is our priority. Real life comes first.

Communication, support and teamwork are the keys to make us stay strong. We are in for the fun and the ride, not rushing to reach the end.

Our goal is to maintain top 30 with a soft push for top 20 in Wars and for Mythic Titans.


Leader MADDOG (LINE: maddog4432, kplay19, pals999)

Top alliance for 2 years, going for a hyper - competitive approach.

We value our members and try to help play to everyone’s max potential.

Communication, support, teaching and teamwork are the keys to make us stay strong. We are in for the fun and the competition.

Our goal is to reach top 5 in Wars and a more relaxed top 100 for Mythic Titans.


Leader: Plageuis (Line: Plageuis)

We offer you a crazy and funny chat, including awesome Support and datanerds, where mercing after a titan is also allowed, cause it helps you and the whole alliance.
We are caring about and treating each other like family and keep the drama out of the alliance.

Our goals are, maintaining top 100 i wars and push to top 50 without pressure and staying a fun alliance one wants to be at


Leader: Lilah (Line: thisislilah)

We are a chill but competitive, friendly and supportive group. Very chatty! International with members from around the world. We believe its a game, so it should be fun, but we do expect people to play hard and use all flags.

GOAL: Maintain top 100 war score, push top 40.


Leader: Raven (Line: afshar0202 or ajk121)

Formerly known as Crystal Legends.
Top alliance when full, aiming for top 30.
We are new in the North Family, seasoned in game and top playing.
We are having a great core of players staying together for long.
Now looking for likeminded, strong teamplayers to join us for top level competion in all parts of game.


Leader : Wilhelm (LINE oscar-ep)

We are an international and active semi competitive alliance. War optional but hitting the titan at least 4 times is mandatory. We are a group of nice and friendly players looking for permanent members. Good communication and teamwork in here are really important to set strategies, make decisions, or give suggestions. Neither drama nor disrespect are allowed. Currently hitting 12-13* titans


Leader: Devil Doc USMC (LINE: Devil-Doc-USMC)
We are an international and active semi competitive alliance, currently hitting 12* titans. Relaxed environment with a focus on camaraderie and mentorship. 6 flags mandatory if opted into wars. Opt out any time you like.


Leader: Iphitus (LINE: Nellwass)

Active and well organized alliance growing for the top. We expect all flags to be used. We expect expect everyone to follow our strategies and coordinate in wars. Great teamwork for wars and harpoon groups.
Currently hitting 13*-14* titans. Our goal is to streak 14* titans when full.

★ KOTN ★ White Lotus

Leader: Roh (Line: Rohannon1986)

Casual/building alliance where higher level players can rest, or members can work on building heroes and troops.

Members are only required to hit the titans when logged in, and use all flags in the war if opted in. Wars are optional. Tanks change color periodically to give everyone a chance to use their strong heroes.

We have a wide variety of players from experienced to new to the game and chat is a good place to learn as everyone is very helpful.

Goals are to help everyone learn the game and no pressure for those needing a break from competitive play. Core group has been together for years and are very reliable. We play for fun!

Leader: Raven (LINE: ladyfriday4 or julia-north)
Casual/active Alliance having a great mix of veteran players and newer members growing.
Join for chilling, training and having fun. Alliance wars optional - use all flags if opting into wars.
Open to join in game when not full

Leader: Ronandex ( Line: Ronandex501)
Needing a place to rest, without any requirements ? Join The Nights Watch.

KOTN family values:
Within all the KOTN Family we help and encourage members,to always have the best fit alliance, for both their level and preferences for their way of playing the game, at any time.
Some likes to play competitive all the way, to grow to move up for higher ranked alliances. Others likes to stay and grow with the friends they are with, and others again like to switch between periods of competitive and more relaxed playing.
All kind of playing styles are welcomed within our family. Communication to make that possible and work smoothly is high priority in all our alliances.
Members applying for an alliance within the family, will be high on the list, if meeting basic requirements.
Feel free to reach out to join and grow within our awesome family.
Check out our requirement sheet below this post.
Contact for more info on Line: Julia-north

(Edit: updated January 2022)



Great Julia!!! Thanks!!


Come and join
-LEADER: Wilhelm (LINE oscar-ep)
-2200 cups
-4200 AW Defense
-11 & 12* titans
We are an international (Spanish and English speaking) active semi competitive alliance. War optional but hitting the titan at least 4 times is mandatory. We are a group of nice and friendly players looking for permanent members. Good communication and teamwork in here ara really important to set strategies, make decisions, or give suggestions. Neither drama nor disrespect are allowed.


Highly recommended :muscle::ok_hand:


Great alliance family


Welcome to group in Rogues


Ravens of the North could really use 2 solid hitters. Come join our Alliance!


FYI, the leader of Ravens of the North is Monk of the North (LINE ID: supernell)


Join our big happy family today :blush:

Current openings in the North alliances:

King of the North : Full - Streaking 14* titans

Wolves of the North: 1 spot upcoming - streaking 14* titans

Dragons of the North: 1-2 spots upcoming - streaking 14* titans

Warriors of the North: Full - streaking 14* titans

Legends of the North: 5 spots open - streaking 14* titans

Blizzard of the North: 1 spot open - streaking 14* titans

Ravens of the North : Full - 13*-14* titans

Shadows of the North: 3 spots open - 12*-13* titans

Veterans of the North: Full - 12* titans

KotN White Lotus: Full - 10*-11* titans

Desculpa KotN: 1 spot open - 10*- 11* titans

Look up ^^^ for requirements, alliance descriptions and contact info.

Contact on Line for a spot or waitlist in the alliance family : Julia-north



Come join our wonderful family of Alliances!


I have now been in the family for about 10 months I’ve used 3 different alliances one resting and 2 top end. I have been welcomed, helped and engaged by all 3.

There is no better place to gain knowledge and advice and to end up in a top 100 alliance.


I am happy to announce that Crystal Legends, the last standing alliance, from the legendary Crystal Palace family, joined our North family.
They can be found in game by their new name:
★ Legends of the North ★
Line: ajk121
They are having a few spots open for strong players.
Updates soon coming up on our alliance introduction and posters


2 spot open in Legends of the North


What happened to Kira? Is he no longer a North family member?

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@UndercoverOil10 Kira is currently having a break, finishing studies and then having a vacation


Looking for a spot in a drama-free and supportive top alliance?
Check out King of the North. We are having 1 rare spot open for a good fit teammate.
Reach out for a chat: Julia-north

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We are having some openings and upcoming spots in our top alliances, due to members retiring, having extended breaks or vacation.
This being a great opportunity for a small group of strong players, to join our awesome family :blush:
We are rarely having room for that, in our top alliances!
If you are looking to join a top alliance, maybe interested in joining with friends, reach out for chat.
Line: Julia-north or check the sheet for contacts ^^^

We are also interested in expanding our family, adding an alliance of people, being active and eager to grow and learn. If you are having an active alliance, currently hitting 10-13* titans, being interested in training in a top alliance family, we will love to hear from you as well.


Guys and gals come and join this amazing family!!!


Legends still have 3 spots available, come and join us

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