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2 yila yakın zamandir oynuyorum ilk kez efsanevi 5* kahraman geldi… Mezarcı…


lol…lucky dog you! I would trade you three of my awesome Azlar’s for one of your awesome Sartana’s.

Giving you a Like for this inspirational post. Never stop believing people, this portal is a winner!


I have managed two HotMs on free pulls only. That’s certainly not terrible. Haven’t summoned this time yet. I do use Athena and Ranvir daily though. I can happen on freebies (occasionally). If only costume chamber would stop being such a prude with the 4’s on me now …



My Legends this time

But I don’t feel like complaining, I still already got 2 old hotm out of the portal, for someone doing only 2 pulls each tavern that’s still great even if I never again see anything with value from here…


Didn’t had much expectations from this portal. I was only trying for Hotm instead I got him :relaxed:

This time TOL portal was kind to me :grinning:


No Classic costumes

The annoying thing is my Teeny accounts that want 3* / 4* heroes cannot get enough Legends coins to do a summons

Due to lack of Classic 3* / 4* hero costumes, no incentive to spend gems from MV


Tavern is primarily a way to add 5* HotM costumes and make Soul Exchange look like a good deal ( pricing Gravemaker at $1,940+ USD in Soul Exchange versus $91,871+ USD in Taverns)




Link to full size graphic

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I finally got something decent from this portal! Always doing only free pulls since this portal was introduced and last free pull finally paid off! My amazing hotm/costume luck is still going! The only other 5* I got from this portal before was dupe Elena.


So so far 2022 gave me first fiend summoner (Viscaro) and now first 5* reviver and first non-S1 costume of Alby completely for free! I’m still shocked! I wanted a 5* reviver since forever.


Invalid URL @Gryphonknight :slight_smile:
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Works on my iPhone think think think

edit, maybe if I cut off the meta data


Hawkmoon and Prisca from a legends summon. Trade descriptions act?

Had nothing from summons for months. Over 30 pulls at Xmas and nothing but food. Every pull since has just been fed. So many duplicate s1 3* pulls.

Yeah, I know the odds. Doesn’t make it any less annoying

Now it looks good :slight_smile:
I can access it

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Cool advice

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Cool feedback and warning

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Last time

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Last time I finished the quest for 210x Legends coins

Not worth is for 2x Classic 3* heroes

This time

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This time I am targeting 115x Legends coins ( Stage 7, TP 3800, Total WE 37 or 6.166 hours of WE ) since this should only require 3*, and 4*, heroes ( see @Epigenetic above )

Maybe go wild and complete Stage 8 ( see above )

Really wish Taverns was only 5x stages instead of 10x stages

3* hero

summoned a red Classic 3* hero ( no costume )

summoned a yellow Classic 3* hero ( no costume )

Stage 9

Completed Stage 9

Was having fun trying different teams ( see notes )

Was not thrilled with the tension of wondering if W3K Beta would crash my game and cost me the use of 5x heroes

Stage 10

Probably skipping

Will see how I feel when WE refills


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1- 2 = 3w, B03
3- 4 = 3w, 2xB

5 = 4w, 3xB
6 = ???
7 = 4w, 3xB

8- 9 = 5w, 3xB

Stage 01

Stage 02

Stage 03

Stage 04

Stage 05

Stage 06

Stage 07

Stage 08

Stage 09

Stage 10


What mana troop lvl for Alberich to go in 9 tiles?

Assuming you got max family bonus and costume.


I don’t think it is doable… You need +34% in mana speed to move from 12 tiles to 9 tiles.

Mana troop lvl 29: +15%
Costume bonus for Alby: +1%
Cleric talent for mana node: +2%
2017 HoTM family bonus: +15% (assume you have 3 in the same lineup)

That is 33%… So just short of the 34% required…

So you will need extra help from another hero who can add mana to other heroes once he/she fires the special (e.g. Devana, Xno, Yang Mai etc.)… Or someone who can boost the mana gen for other heroes (e.g. Odin, Ariel).


One of my best 11 single pulls I have had in a long time! I pulls costume Gravemaker and two costume Alberichs! Not too bad! I have wanted Alberich for quite some time now and he has eluded me until now! :wink:



I never got anything from this portal so i never spend anything on it just do my free pulls, this time i nearly dropped my phone:


They are trying to buy you off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Congrats, great pull!


Cheat mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:warning::top:Stage 7 :warning:
Kwasir - Frosty - Frosty - Friar Tuck - Nordri

:warning::top:Stage 8 :warning:
You blink once and your game is over…
Don’t let them trigger special! Used Time stop 2-3 times and Revival scroll with a Bomb attack.

P.s. I wish By- Ulf specials been faster (don’t forget for better results you can Break Limits and get Talent grid to max.)


My first round of pulls I got seshat, really wanted gravemaker.

Did a single coin pull from completing the tavern, got seshat lol.

Just bought the legends offer, 13th pull in I got gravemaker. Wanted him so bad. For 2 seshat and a gravemaker it took 84 pulls. Cheers!