🧪 Early Information on Soul Exchange [Part of The Beta Beat V45]

Same opinion here :rofl:
If the tiers were 5-10-15 it would be less trash. Gravemaker without costume? Horghall at tier 2? Oh come on. Laughable.


Just did a roster check
I have 4 season 1 heroes at 1/1 that are ready to go into HA
I have 3 non season 1 dups that I have at 1/1. Maybe I’ll level them one day, but I could part for the right hero.
I have 6 heroes at 3/70 (mostly s1 dups) that I have no plans to ascend anytime soon.

I wouldn’t trade 10 of these for the heroes listed.
Thor and Ursena are tempting, but probalby won’t get rid of 15 of my 16 HA feeders for that.
I could throw in Quintus, Guardian Owl, Justice, and Richard if I really wanted gravemaker. It’s a decent option. Skadi might be worth it, but I already have two costume Franks. I’m tempted, but probably won’t do it.


Theren is no Quest.
Just a icon below the portals, where you can select the heroes and the wanted outcome.

We do not know how often this “event” will be and will the offered heroes change time to time.
These are all asked by several players in Beta. If Staff answers, then I will update this topic.


I read about soul exchange and couldnt believe it. Finally something!

I have wrote about this a couple of times to forum. And so many have asked for this for years.

To make it more balanced there should be awarded soul points for each individual hero when they are sacrified that would decrease dramatically (-50%) each time after first exchange. Soul points are then banked. This gives roster space at once duplicate is received and sacrified. Also, after getting first hero, lets say G. Gazelle for example from exchange, getting another should cost double. If it must be an event then make building (a chamber or top of watch tower) where we can sacrifice any time we want, and “open” the exchange in event time.

Current design is just well, mediocre-bad. 20 heroes is too much. They are not top tier anymore (well Skadi maybe). Regardless, there should be soul price for all heroes based on their rarity and age (and origin). If I dont want any of those heroes my roster space stays as it is and same problem continues. After all these years, this solution feels rushed and not done in detail. Hopefully this does not end up game as it is.


It’s only just gone into beta so this is all preliminary.

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Spend Depth

I recommend 1x camp for Extra low cost recruit training ( RT11 ) to store recruits and 1x to 3x camps for Legendary recruit training ( RT20 )

5* exchanged Gems USD ~Days ~Days / 3 ~Food ~ Recruits
20x 5* 156,000+ 1,940+ 800d 266.6d 118.8 mf 40 kr
15x 5* 117,000+ 1,455+ 600d 200d 89.1 mf 30 kr
10x 5* 78,000+ 970+ 400d 133.3d 59.4 mf 20 kr

~= Approximate
d= Days
mf= x1,000,000 Food
kr = x1,000 Recruits


Click for notes

20x 5*

20x 5* x ( 1x 5* approximately every 40 days Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) )= 800 days

297 x20 x20= 118.8 m food
100 x20 x20= 40 k recruits

800 days / 3x Camps

266.66 days

15x 5*

15x 5* x ( 1x 5* approximately every 40 days Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) )= 600 days

297 x20 x15= 89.1 m food
100 x20 x15= 30 k recruits

600 days / 3x Camps

200 days

10x 5*

10x 5* x ( 1x 5* approximately every 40 days Legendary recruit training ( RT20 ) )= 400 days

297 x20 x10= 59.4 m food
100 x20 x10= 20 k recruits

400 days / 3x Camps

133.33 days

Elemental Summons

0.975 = no Classic 5*

0.987 = no 5* HotM

0.975 x 0.987 = no Classic 5* AND no 5* HotM = 0.962325

Approximately 26+ summons for any 5* hero

~7,800+ gems, ~$ 97+ USD



1,940 USD






970 USD



Feels way to expensive to trade for those heroes.

Unless there is a massive change in summon rates for 5* heroes in the rest of the game…

I’ve been playing for little over a year and have 24 5* heroes in total. I have 7 at most I would consider trading.
I would prefer it if it was done on a Team cost total and you can mix in 3* and 4* heroes.
Say a 200 point cost. It would have to include a 5* hero but if you were to trade
3 unlevelled 5* (60 points)
7 unlevelled 4* (84 point)
10 Unlevelled 3* (60 Points)
204 points total and a load of feeder/space taking heroes removed from rosters.

Also if people chose to trade in unused levelled heroes that would add to the score. (4 x fully levelled 5* heroes Would be 104 points)


This pretty much depends on the heroes that will be offered, obviously. I am willing to trade Alfrike for 20 5* heroes (though if that happens VF anything will become pure hell). On the other hand SGG would have to give me 20 5* if they would trade Salmon Loki. :smiley:

This event will be useful for P2P to get rid of duplicates taking space. But I doubt it will be very useful to F2P and P2P who are frequently hurting for 5* and thankful for each Obakan and Khagan coming their way. For them running TC20 x 3 now may be viable alternative though.


5% chance

Published odds are 5% so 1 in 20

Soul Exchange is the same spend depth with no merciless RNG




You lose 19x 5* heroes

Additionally, no costumes



I know it’s heavy dependant on personal situation, but can I ask why you wouldn’t trade? I mean, I’ve 14 5* dupes that were trated as HA10 input (13, as I won’t trade Leonidas hoping for his costume), plus I’ve Alice (from a previous trade in HA), and Domitia, Leonidas, second Magni, Elkanen and Azlar sitting at 3.70, and they almost never see play. To me the main issue it’s not about trading those heroes, but about what I get in exchange


I was doing math as 5% chance at non season 1 and 5% chance at season 1 costume.

But you are correct that there is no merciless RNG here. I’d almost consider this a pity timer in a way.


Yup, a few months ago I started to eat my duplicate 5*, since I lost any hope sth like this would be implemented. So far I’d eaten ca. 20 dupes after 2,5 half years of playing as a C2P/moderate spender. I’m not mentioning my ‘collectors cards’, which I probably never ascend and they just take room in my roster.

So, I’d be able to Exchange maximum 2 heroes. And not these from the last Tier. So, barely an improvement.

The other important question is whether these 5 heroes are fixed for the whole event/quest, or are they random for each Player, similar as alkashard transmutations are.


This is pretty much exactly what I’ve been waiting for with my 40+ dupes. I’ve been buying roster space rather than feeding any 5* dupe for nearly 2 years and finally the waiting pays off :heart::heart::heart:

I think one of the things they will hope for is that those of us who stop pulling once we get HOTM so we don’t choke on dupes now will just keep pulling knowing that we have a way to spend them. This is certainly true for me.

And the fact that we can choose from options is HUGE. Everyone has different roster needs and if there isn’t one you’re excited to trade in for just wait for the next event or cycling of the options. This is pretty fantastic.


At least one is super happy in this thread :+1:

May I ask you which heroes out of this list you would choose and what other heroes you have in those colors waiting for mats?


I hear you! Got nearly 60 dupes and i`m loving the idea of exchanging them for a hero of my choosing.


I use TC20 to store food and have only gotten Marjana in August spit out, which is fine with me as I never had her after 3 years 8 months. So much for that idea.


When I first thought about it I thought no way I’d give up all of my five stars for one of these. But as I think more about it I’m considering it more and more.

Small reasons I won’t:
1 Depth: I don’t even consider these heroes for war, but they do get usage in towers and Mythic Titans
2 Rarity: some heroes like dup Glenda, dup costume Yunnan, Bertilla are hard to replace even if I’m not super happy about each of them to begin with.
3 Next project: I have 19 scopes and 15 tonics, but after my current projects I don’t have a blue or green next to work on. If I get these to 4/80 I can see using them on rush wars.

But perhaps the biggest is looking at the heroes I can choose. None of these heroes are game changers to me. So perhaps I look at it as something I can wait for a new batch of heroes that are more worth it. The heroes I have are 3 years of playing and building that stock. So this is effectively a one time decision unless I decide to ramp up tc20.

Game changer heroes include but not limited to:
Big attack boost: Miki, Tarlak, Gazelle
EDD: Panther, Evelyn, Costume Leo, Costume Marj
Mana control: Alfrike, Lady of the Lake, Ruby

So if I only get to do this once, I’m going to wait for something that is well worth it. That could be a long wait.



I thought It was

1 in 20 chance non Classic

1 in 20 chance costume ( if available )

1 in 400 chance non Classic with costume ( if available )

So the odds get really weird if you lack any of the available costumes but for simplicity assume you have no 5* costumes, and no limited edition 5* heroes

90.25 % no help

09.75 % new costume, hero or both



Of course. I have three Friggs and Krampuses and none of them will go to Stack, I mean Soul Exchange. But Noor duplicate? Off you go. Ditto with S1 heroes.

You are correct (and math well laid out), but I use 90% for shorthand.

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