Master Lepus or Isarnia?

In a vacuum, which of these blue 5* heroes would you begin levelling? Both are listed as across the board B heroes in Anchor’s guide for each category and overall ranking.

Lepus (bad boy - fast mana, big individual damage) seems like he would be a ton of fun but is Isarnia (good girl - slow mana, reduced AoE damage) the more “respectable” choice? :wink:

Thank you in advance for your opinions!


What if you draw Magni when your Leprus will be 4/80?

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Bring Aeron to negate Lepus -20% funkiness and enjoy his Bad Boy routine!


I like Isarnia just because I know how many times she’s crushed my sould during raids. I’ve never faced off against the blue bunny except in the egg challenges.

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The best choice really depends on your other heroes. I’d pick Lepus personally, because I already have Zeline for attack debuff.
If you don’t have any other fast damage dealers, I’d suggest Lepus, but if you do, I’d suggest Isarnia. The wider the variety of specials you have, the better your choices are for teambuilding.

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I will say “■■■■, my 4th Magni!” (PS. I already have my 1st Magni at 4/80) :wink:

Oh! @Rook likes the bad boys eh? :wink: (and I do have a yet to be started Aeron in queue)

Soul crushing? Hmmm…sounds like Isarnia knows my wife! :slight_smile: I kid, I kid…

I do have Marjana (3^70), Sartana (4^80), Joon (3^70) and a slew a maxed 4* quick hitters. Can’t seem to get enough of those heroes!

Thank you everyone for your feedback!! I am still going back and forth with this one but am leaning towards Isarnia.

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¡Haha, then Isarnia 101%!

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Isarnia? good girl? … she’s an ice queen…

So if one has to chose between maxing Lupus or Magni for one’s first 5*, who would you pick?


Lepus is great for combo though.

Does the calculus change if on defense one has Ares as tank, thus Magni needs to be a wing? I’m on my first 5* rainbow leveling, and so far what I have is Ranvir, Seshat, Ares, Lianna, then either Magni or Lupus. Unless there’s a better order I could do, I feel like Lupus would be the play. I don’t have a potential tank that could let me slot Magni into a flank role.

Why can’t Magni flank Ares?

Because they’ll be stacking blue vs Ares


I level Magni to join Lepus on my mono blue team (replacing Triton).

My Isarnia remains 1/1.

If you go with Magni and place him on the wing, you’d lose out on his +63% defense covering Ares; which in defense is fine since tank gets chewed up and spat out rather quickly.

Master Lepus probably has the highest damage amongst blue snipers, plus he causes minor damage to neighbouring targets. Downside is his self-inflicted defense down.

It’s a good problem to have and if it was my choice, I’d go with Magni first. However, I’d level both to 3/70 and play around with them for a bit. Both will come in handy in attacks anyway.

Personally, I like both but have neither…:cry:

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