Next Blue 5* for Me?

I’m to that point when you realize you will never have a maxed out roster in just one life time, lol. I’m happy with my defenses. I am trying to bolster my offense for wars and increase titan damage when possible. Any advice, preferably from those who have all three, on who should be my next blue out of ML, Fenrir, & Mag

Personally I vote Lepus. Hits like a tank :smiley:

Seeing as you already got Athena, you probably don’t need Issy for Titans.


Their speeds are a little off, but Athena followed by Lepus on the same three absolutely murders.


Thanks! I’m going with Lepus first. I appreciate the feedback.

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In my honest opinion, it would have to be Master Lepus and then Fenrir.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Fenrir, Alasie or Alice? I have defense covered with Vela, so any of them will be used in wars and raids mainly.

Yeah lepus then the wolf :+1:

Why Lepus above Fenrir?

That’s my question too. I’ve heard plenty saying Lepus over Fenris, but I haven’t heard a lot of the reasoning behind it (even though I trust it). Also heard some say Magni over Fenris, which is easier to understand as it is a “known” damage compared to Fenris (although I think Fenris’s upsides are reaally good, especially with all minions atm).

I leveled fenrir before magni and never regretted it for a second. My roster is full of snipers in many other colors though. Having a finisher like fenrir has won me many raids but only because I had strong snipers as well


My reasoning is simple:
Damage Output.

Cards at max for reference

Between the two cards, Master Lepus has the higher base attack stat. Not by a huge amount but by enough to make it worthwhile IMO.

Additionally, Lepus does 410% damage to the target & Minor to nearby (~50% shall we say, so 205% to nearby). Compare that to Fenrir which is 300% to a SINGLE target (up to 600% if the target is <50% but… at that point you could hit with Lepus & kill them…)

So you can see that Lepus’ damage output is just better :stuck_out_tongue:

If you add in the defence down from Athena (who is also affect 3) it becomes even more pronounced:

So overall, my reasoning is based on two things:

  1. Damage output (Lepus > Fenrir)
  2. Synergy (Lepus + Athena = death)

Big big thanks to you Guvnor! Very informative! Will have enough mats to ascend Vela after next Frostmarsh quest next week (?), but I will do go all in Lepus as soon as I can after her.


faught her in non tank position, i do not think she is a viable defensive hero she is too slow for it and yellow has too much mana control for her to shoot at all. On offense she could work though. question is more is she really aiding the match? Or is the match not won already by that time she is ready.

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