Ascension advice: Blue heroes

I have a real struggle now which blue heroe to ascend with 6 scopes i finally collected. Below is my current mono blue team.

Here is rest of the blue rooster.

I cannot decide should I level (i) another Cobalt (eventhough I usually avoid duplicate heros, he is the best Blue attacker and may be worth it), (ii) some other sniper like alice/master lepus, (iii) snow white for her debuff as do not have other blue who does that (iv) isarnia for her deff down (for which curently grim is in place), or (v) none of above and just wait for E&P to give me some miracle elemental down or minion remover.

Can’t go wrong with big bunny in my opinion

Alice or Master L
… 20 …

Isarnia. Seems like you’ve got enough for your top team already so I’d rather focus on titan team.

You certainly have better heroes but I’m optimizing purely for the blue stack for “scores”.

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I would do Alice or Lepus depending on emblems available OR having other heroes with the same family bonus. Both are beasts

Master lepus for a fast effective damage dealer.
Snow white for a fun hero that is devastating in her niche


In my honest opinion, and as others have said, it depends on what you need most for your game.
So master Lepus for your war and raids etc
But Isarnia for your Titan hits
Whichever hero you choose good luck

If you are going to stick with Grimm for Titans, I would go with the Bunny.

I would play with Snow White a little at 70 before deciding to max her. You will probably see that the setup and sacrifice required to get her 420% hit is very underwhelming when compared to other heroes that are faster and\or require no special setup.

Alice or Lepus seems to be the right answer here…tough choice, both are awesome.

Master Lepus no doubt…

+1 for Lepus. 20 characters

I’m gonna stray here and say Snow White. I recently had the same dilemma and went Snow White. With the new raid formations spreading out counter attacks her special is spectacular to see! I haven’t had this much fun since lady Loki. Good luck!

Thank you all for imput! Lowered the field to bunny/snow white/isarnia. Will have to ponder on this a bit more.

Got a shiny new one from my free pulls, so will settle with Morel, due to deff down.

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