Isarnia or Rumpelstiltskin?

Okay, so RnG God is finally giving me a chance. Spent my last gems on a single summon and pulled Rumpelstiltskin. A moment later, Isarnia and a dupe Kadilen pop up from tc20s.
Now, I am undecided which legendary hero to level up. Perhaps, wait for Magni from tc20 which is probably next century.
I am leaning towards Rumpelstiltskin as he offer more variety but Isarnia’s buff is quite insane. Slow mana was a turn off though.
Current blues includes Richard at +4 and Thorne at 3 45 (for aw).

Feedback is very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Sweet score of Rump :slight_smile:
Isarnia was one of the first 5* i ascended many moons ago and I still use her, sure she is squishy but great tile damage and can be annoying on defence when used on the wing.
I do not have Rump, but at least one of his 3 random SS doesn’t harm himself like Danzeburro so that’s always a good thing :slight_smile:

If it were me, I would go Rump, only because I find him more interesting.


Good pulls!

I have a maxed Isarnia +3. She is a good hero, but often dead before she can fire her special. She is on my defense team but needs replaced and will be as soon as I get materials for magni.

I do not have rumplestiltskin but I would be tempted to choose him. On defense he’s hard for attackers to plan a counter against. He also looks to be a lot of fun to use.



Thanks a lot for the feedback.
Yeah, I am leaning toward Rump too because his specials are unpredictable + rarity.
But Isarnia’s high attack stat and buff is quite tempting.
I am going to level Rump to 2 60 and gauge his practicality from there.

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Rumple is is fun to use especially on offense.
Wild card on defense.

Isarnia - sure thing but less exciting

So you gotta see what you want as your first blue 5s. Magni will most likely pop out once you have upped either of them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget titans - Isarnia almost doubles your damage against red titans.


Similar situation here, pulled Isarnia and Rumpel from a 10 pull. It’s a hard decision.

Currently doing Rumpel, mostly because I have a maxed Isarnia on my alt account and like to play as many different heroes as possible.

On my alt I play Isarnia with a high level Mana troop close to a maxed Magni in offense. Also Aegir is in that team. In such a setup Isarnia often decides the battle for me because she stays alive to fire.

With Isarnia you know what you get, Rumpel is more for fun.
Maybe throw a coin, after all this game is based on RNG :wink:


Currently, I am using a +4 Richard as a tank and Thorne sitting at 3 45. I don’t need another pulverizer though.
With 11 scopes available, Magni can wait.

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Another dilemma…I’ve got a max Grimm with +11 emblem and another 2 sitting at 3 60 which I level up for AW during my earlier days of playing. Should I feed one to Rump?

Nope. Never ever do that.


How about the six 4 * holy trainer heroes?
Rumple just asked me if he could cook em.
I don’t even have a worthy holy hero to upgrade.
Again, waiting for Joon to pop up from tc20…lol…

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Please don’t feed a 3-60 grimm to him. Asfor the holy trainers , go for it. If you have no yellow project cook them for rumplestiltskin.

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Just eat them up. Trainers are waste of space if you are just waiting for a worthy hero. Use them to level the hero you want to use. Trainers can be substituted and also it’s only 20% extra. A 3s hero’s extra 20% is only worth around 3x 1s feeder. Easily obtained. Upping skill level is also easy so trainers are not necessarily to be kept for long.

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Just bring up Rumple to Final tier. He is quite fun to use because of the unpredictable specials which are all very useful.
But I see him only in tank position on the team setup. I am currently using Richard +5 emblem as a tank.

Rumple, Lianna, Kunchen, Anzogh and Richard. or Rumple, Kunchen, Richard, Anzogh and Lianna?

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