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nice, i got Merlin from HA8 recently! glad to see him working out.

i think you wanted the Trials of Mysticism topic though. Decimation is Fighter and Wizard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I know, I just moved it there :laughing:. Trying to delete this one now. Can’t help stupid as they say :man_shrugging:



Not more than me. I published three times my results of diverse events in the wrong thread. :sweat_smile::wink:

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So, trying this again and hoping I have the correct trial. I remembered photos this time.

So, here is my team:

There isn’t a ton of rhyme or reason to it TBH. I said if I can make it through that one trial with no healer I can make it through another. I then threw in a bunch of new toys to have at it and see what happens.

That means Merlin in and Elena with costume bonus in.

Merlin +20 and LB’d is the newer addition and I am still getting used to him.

Elena w/ partial MCB I had stripped of emblems, but then got her costume. Her costume is currently 49/80. Almost done. I noticed was stripping her of emblems she was SO squishy. I wanted to see if what costume bonus she currently got helped in a meaningful way.

The rest are the same, Glenda +20 and Magni +20 w/ MCB are just big hitters in a good color. Lancelot +20 LB’d is still fairly new, but I am liking the attack and mana boost. Big fan of Mr. Lancelot.

Things went pretty well. Had to use healing pots in Elena. Her costume bonus still leaves her VERY squishy. Her damage and riposte worked well though. I just need to decide if she gets emblems or Tyr does once he’s done.

I did use a mana pot on Merlin. I am used to Hansel and Gretel, Merlin’s effect makes my heart skip a beat. The way the enemy reacts is like their normal special is going off for a second. My head is like “crap, did they cleric block it or something? Wait, that’s impossible it’s a class trial!?!”. Then they slash an ally. Anyways. I like Merlin because with his full drop, versus 50% from H&G, if all you’re looking for is time he buys more of it. Due to a cascade I got an enemy to trigger twice on the same special. Didn’t know how hard that would be on a full drop.

I used an antidote because Ulmer fired once. Elena died at the very end as like a final slash before death from Ulmer.

For a team with no thought it worked and I enjoyed the new heroes.



Switched it up a bit since I have (c)Elena maxed:

Colen out, Elena in. Elena to +7, Tyr also up to +7 now. I’ve been trying to spread my fighter emblems around evenly because i have 6 5* fighters, and they all get used pretty regularly. only Bertila has more because she’s on my rush defense.


Elena’s squishiness can not be understated. i get that you sort of want that for a riposter, but i almost lost her in the first wave, as the mobs were really picking on her for some reason. she was down to 77 health! wish i’d taken a screenshot of that. and i figured if she dies, she dies, but the board turned and i charged up BT just in time to save her. I went in with everyone charged, but this is the second trial in a row that i finished super quickly because i lucked out and got a huge cascade with my color tiles right off the bat. The bosses never fired. even finished with a red diamond still on the board.

Fighters to get (c)Magni a node once he’s finished. Wizards saved for now or maybe to Grevle. Trainer to cRigard#6.


My team this time:

  • Poseidon +18
  • Onatel 4^81+19
  • Kiril 4^75 +c20
  • Isarnia +c18
  • Bertila +18

Compared to last time, I picked up a big yellow aether from war loot, so I limit broke Onatel, who has rejoined my normal raid defense.

I was kinda eager to get this trial over with this morning, since it usually goes well. That meant firing specials in early waves instead of just slogging through with tile damage and holding specials for the bosses. On wave 4, I got kinda carried away with popping diamonds and failed to get Bertila recharged before the boss wave. Fired everyone else, targeting Balthazar, as the board looked most favorable under him, and I was able to finish him with tile damage before he fired. What felt like my master stroke was simultaneously popping two off-color diamonds on the last turn of Onatel’s special. Cleared off a ton of junk without charging the bosses at all. She’s still the queen, y’all. After that, I was able to get both Ulmer and Oberon before they fired, and Oberon didn’t even revive. Nice.

Not enough fighter emblems for Magni’s next node. Wizard emblems saved for Jean Francois. Trainer hero to LB Seshat.


I went with this team:

Pretty curious that I went with less power but the final battle was easier… with a big amount of luck, ofc. The purple and green tiles came to me and I was able to keep one Treevil’s special until the effect of the other one finished.

The trainer for Viscaro, fighter emblems to Killhare and the wizard ones to Glenda.

Take care. :wink:


Am I the only one who does this for fun?


@Shohoku79 I changed up my team for this Trial which ended before Gargoyles. Zeline* who is new to my roster was killed off first. Isa was the last one alive.

Small battle items used; all health potions used.

Trainer hero and emblems saved. Wizard emblems planned for Zeline.

*Zeline is partially levelled atm.


Ah… A sagely choice in picking the Queen and pairing her with the extra supporting cast. Was there any doubt she’s the last one standing? :rofl:

I’ve always pictured Isarnia being the student that surprised the master, in this case Ulmer because they have the extra same specials running at the same speed and duration, of course hers being more potent because of her stats, higher damage %, and greater def down %.


Cant recall what i took now … Pics will lettuce know … :+1:

Fighting Killhare… wizard kiril trainer storage


My chameleon is on the final ascension, so let’s try him out:

His buffs really make a difference; went smoothly:


Me doing a trial:


:crazy_face: :rofl: but yes, it’s fun trying out the new toys in the trials. :grin: