🕵 [March 2021] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 4 (Underwild)

This thread is for information and discussion on the March 2021 Season 4 Underwild Summon Portal, and sharing Summon Results.

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2021-03-25T07:00:00Z 2021-03-28T19:00:00Z 3.5 days

| Featured Hero | Forum Thread|
| — | — | — |
| Elizabeth | 🕵 Elizabeth – S4 Hero – 5* Fire/ Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback |
| Dr. Moreau | 🕵 Dr. Moreau – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback |
| Phileas Fogg | 🕵 Phileas Fogg – S4 Hero – 5* Nature/ Green: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback |

Not yet known who will be the featured heroes in Mar21; Table & Links to be udpated when known.

Featured March HotM: Malicna – 5* Dark/ Purple - March 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

:game_die: Season 4 “Underwild Portal” Appearance Rates

Classic Season 1 Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 19.6%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 11.9%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 0.9%

Season 3 Heroes

  • Rare Season IV Hero: 51.4%
  • Epic Season IV Hero: 14.6%
  • Legendary (non-featured) Season IV Hero: 0.6%
  • Featured Legendary Season IV Hero: 1.0%


  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_with_wings: Analysis of Summon Appearance Rates

This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x)

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.

Monetary Cost Listed working off Gems cost $99.99 US for 10,000. A 30x Summons costs $83.99 US.

Occurence 1x 10x 30x 100x 500x 1500x
US$ Cost of Summons Cost $3.49 $30 $84 $282 $1428 $7139
Any Season 4 (S4) Hero 67.6% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Any Season 1 Hero 32.4% 98.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Any S4 5* Hero 1.6% 14.9% 38.4% 80.1% 100.0% 100.0%
Any S4 Featured 5* Hero 1.0% 9.6% 26.0% 63.4% 99.3% 100.0%
Specific Featured 5* 0.3% 3.3% 9.5% 28.4% 81.2% 99.3%
Any S4 Non-Featured 5* 0.6% 5.8% 16.5% 45.2% 95.1% 100.0%
Specific Non-Featured 5* 0.2% 2.0% 5.8% 18.1% 63.2% 95.0%
Any S4 4* 14.6% 79.4% 99.1% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Specific S4 4* 1.5% 13.7% 35.7% 77.0% 99.9% 100.0%
Any S4 3* 51.4% 99.9% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%

Putting That in Perspective

Gems cost $99.99 US for 10,000. A 30x Summons costs $83.99 US.

  • If 1 million players each spent $30 USD & did 10 Summons, 497,884 of those players would NOT get a Season IV or Season 1 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $281.97 USD & did 100 Summons, 366,033 of those players would NOT get any Featured Season IV 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $1,427.86 USD & did 500 Summons, 188,351 of those players would NOT get a SPECIFIC Featured Season IV 5* Hero

  • If 1 million players each spent $4,199.58 USD & did 1,500 Summons, 49,638 of those players would NOT get a SPECIFIC Non-Featured Season IV 5* Hero

:dizzy: Bonus Ascension Material Chest


Much like the Season II (Atlantis) and Season III (Valhalla) Summon Portals, The Season IV “Underwild” Portal features a Bonus Ascension Material Chest, which contains a guaranteed Rare or Epic Ascension Material, and can also contain Rare and Epic Crafting Materials.

Also, like Atlantis/ Valhalla, the Bonus Chest fills with each 10 Summons, and there is a limit of 9 Chests per event.

Your progress towards the next chest also carries over to the next Underwild Summon event if you still have chests in stock, just like with the Atlantis / Valhalla Summon.

:gem: Summon Costs

The Summon Costs for the Underwild Portal match the Atlantis & Valhalla Portals:

  • Single Summon: 100 Underwild Coins or 350 Gems
  • Summon x10: 3000 Gems
  • Summon x30: 8400 Gems

:hammer: Underwild Coins

The first time a Stage is completed, a reward is given in Underwild Coins — which are just like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, but for Season 4.

Just the same as Season 2 & 3, Normal Mode Stages reward 3 Underwild Coins, and Hard Mode Stages reward 5 Underwild Coins — and there are 10 Stages per Province, so it’ll be the same 80 Coins per Province that Season 2 & 3 had.

Also like Atlantis/ Valhalla Coins, 100 Underwild Coins are required for a free Underwild Summon.

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It’s exciting to see this up already


I wonder who the first featured hero will be.

Just need to wait a little longer.

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It is? I was just commenting how I am not excited at all to see this going so soon. :joy: I have so many heros waiting to be leveled, that I’m just not thrilled about the chance to pull more heros to put them on the waiting list… Honestly, I’m thinking about skiping first couple of months of this portal. That’s how I’m excited. :see_no_evil::joy:


I didn’t spend gems on last Valhalla waiting for this portal. I’m ready for the nth 10pull that will give me only 3*.


I will probably pull multiple 5* but won’t get any tome of tactics for another 6 months by which point they will become obsolete :laughing:

I am looking forward to playing the new missions but not excited or anything like I was for Valhalla.

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I don’t want to invest too much in it yet, until all the epics and rares are released probably around summer. Besides, my roster space is already almost full and I don’t really like the idea of paying like 1000 gems just for the space to fit them all in. I am boycotting lack of solution for duplicate 5 stars. Need to think about feeding off some of my duplicates or maxed cards I don’t use anymore. :roll_eyes:

Planning to do a 10x with gems, then whatever amount of coins come from the levels and cheaper offers. I recall when Valhalla appeared first time I did over 80 pulls and literally got only Marjana and a HotM (hi Telluria; too bad I got 3 copies of her anyway). Want to keep it chill this time. Especially that we have Ninjas right after that, and I still want to be prepared for a 30x when Loki is featured in Valhalla (would help if we had schedule for future features but well)

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Moreau pull

9th coin pull, not bad at all. :heart_eyes:

Actually I’d be happy with any of the 3 featured heroes, all super mega useful (especially Philease Fogg as Almur just isn’t cutting it for 10*+ blue titans)


Pleasantly surprised. Dr Moreau was the hero I wanted the most since I’m thin on dark and don’t have Drake.


I must admit i am quite lucky when it comes to reds.
Elizabeth joined my roster and a bunch of 4s and 3s.


1rst summon, insane!

And after 70 pulls :

They are really cool :heart_eyes::ok_hand:


#ThankYou @EmpiresPuzzles


I’d throw in my observations:

So far: 3* and 4* from Season 4 are way worse than 3* and 4* from Season 3.

Meaning, unless you are willing to spend tens of thousands of gems chasing a or any 5* hero, then better save your gems for now.

Edit: Or if you strongly believe Lady Luck is with you, then go for it with smaller amounts, but don’t say you weren’t warned…

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So did my 10 pull and the best hero I got out of it was Wu Kong :joy: Few season 4 rares, but mostly Gunnars and Hawkmoons. Also ate Proteus and Ametrine to make space for them. What a feast! What a celebration!

Luckily the cheap gem offers today seem to be worth the money, so they offset a bit this terrible investment of 3000 gems.

Good luck everyone. On my way to farm the coins. Good time to use the Omnia harvester!


Not bad…no more pulls for me until May


100 pulls, no 5* no hotm…

And since im not in best mood, I have to couteract this by thanking SG for partially implementing my idea yet again!

Crystal dealing dmg each turn was taken from here : :slight_smile:

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I caved and did a 30x (I know I know) and almost passed out when I saw Phileas Fogg. My green stack was sucking for the longest time and Almur just wasn’t cutting it anymore, but now with the Fogg hopefully my titan scores and my green stack will see some significant improvement. :crossed_fingers:

Also got Griffin and Zila Lei, the two 4* I wanted the most so overall a great haul to start off S4.


I watched JekylandHyde doing his pulls… Before I promised myself I won’t do any pulls until I finish some of my 40+ legendary heros sitting at 1-1 atm. His terrible result actually strengthened my desire not to pull. It was a horrible reminder of how this game works. :expressionless:


Been saving my gems for a few months for a 10 pull in S4. Got 4x 4 stars (Griffin, Mack, Zila Lei, Rokkamush) and 4x 3 stars (2x Vollermork, Morris, Poppy). So I am very happy. It was definitely worth it. :slight_smile:

Only thing that is irking me now is my roster space. With all the heroes that I collected from S1 to S4, now I am at 171 heroes, with 180 roster space. Probably, I would need to invest some gems into buying some more space in the near future. I wish SG would give us 10 free roster space with the release of every new Season.