New game mode : Fallen Crystal

WE ALL LOVE GEMS RIGHT? :slight_smile:

Alliances try to harness the power of crystal who fell on their land (like a meteor) . But they are not the only one after cystal.

war for crystal

MIDDLE 3 HEROES ARE FORAGERS. All attacks go into crystal, including specials. ( for example Quintus with high att is good for middle for tile/slash dmg crystal but his special will only hit crystal. On wing, he is quite squishy and slow, but he can fire on everyone and change the battle in his team favour). //Status ailments from the middle can affect enemy team as long as they arent dmging.

WINGS ARE GUARDS, that can attack also the enemy team (tile dmg or slash attacks and specials), but can only target crystal with specials.

GOAL of the fallen crystal mode? DO MORE DMG TO CRYSTAL than the enemy. The winning team gets 1 point. Beating a certain dmg threshold of gem can award an extra 1 point. Clearing enemy team before time runs out awards you 3 points.

  • Each player in Crystal war has 3 attacking tries and 3 defense teams. They cannot be same.
    Win or loose, team is removed after (power of crystal blows them away).

  • Crystal deals targeted dmg on his own each turn, once to each side.
    -Crystal is immune to status ailments or buffs.

Alliances with more points in the end gets rewards in : gems, crystals and β€˜β€˜stone-y’’ materials of all sorts, some important ingredients for alchemy lab (to make it more useful) and essence orbs (which can help lvl heroes, troops or reduce price of ascencion of heroes)


RED CRYSTAL : crystal deals extra minor dmg to everyone each turn
BLUE CRYSTAL : crystal can be affected by status ailments, but he throws them randomnly on ally or enemy at the end of turn.
GREEN CRYSTAL : crystal regains same amount of HP at the end of each turn.

We need more alliance participating options :slight_smile:

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