🕵 [March 2021] Portal Stats & Summon Results – Season 4 (Underwild)

Glad you mentioned this, wish I read it earlier before I did a x10 and gotten 9 3* S1 dupes and Caedmon as only 4* Oh well, should have known better, stupid stupid stupid me. Haven’t gotten anything decent in 5 months now. Really ask myself why the hell I keep trying, really

Cant ask for more. Except for maybe elizabeth :thinking:


Well, I am only really after Elizabeth as I was before for Isrod or Black knight. I am missing tank red option. Was looking forward to this event, so I could finally take my long awaited 3/70 heroes to 4/80+ emblems and be more competitive… but I guess its not yet time. Ill try to go for offers and one last push… And I guess, im retiring afterwards from heavy pulling… :slight_smile:


Just lucky today :star_struck: From 30 pulls I got Dr Moreau, Fileas Fogg and 2x HOTM



After maybe 140 pulls, I’m glad to get those two new heroes. Fogg is really promising, as I lack Kageburado and Evelyn. Lepiota, in another hand, seems to be quite fun. Wait and see !


I got him …,… No legendary from S2 and only Norns from S3 ( finished normal and hard of S2 and S3 ) and S4 this one


Made 30 pull, Got Prof. Lidenbrock, Griffin, Tettukh, Vollermork, Helo, Puppy, Grampus, Morris and 2x Malicna.

I consider this a luky pull


I got one of him and a Morris from 2 pull. This one looks like he might be more worthwhile than poor slow Sumle

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Considering I’ve had rotten luck with 5* pulls over the last few months, I’m happy it gave me one on the first day!


Did an x30, not a single 5*, not even the HOTM.


OMG THAT’S AN INSANE LUCKY 30 PULL for me this morning at the Portal opening…I think I’ve dried all my future years gaming luck!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Going to power-level Elizabeth now! This game and its RNG drive my crazy that’s for sure :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Probably one of my luckiest 30 pulls to date.


It’s so great and thrilling in overall to do pulls and have brand new heroes. So refreshing, hardly any s1. At least in my case, got plenty of new ones, one green guy even x3

It should be new standard, only new heroes when pulling, now this is fun! :rofl:


3x 10 pulls.
Lucky enough to get one 5*.
After like 150 pulls wo single 5*, finally something to work with.


So i decided that at end of march I will max whatever garbage 5* i got on my roster that I have the mats for. Been waiting ages stockpiling mats and saved my gems for this 30x pull. Got the hotm at least so now mok arr can wait at 3.70 for another 6 months. The s4 3* seem disappointing to say the least.

My results summary is - better then expected but still garbage overall.

First and only pull lmao


haha, have to mention i did censure method before doing 100 pulls…

Next I said ill wait for all the offers to try one last time… did 2 silver coins just for fun, 1x 3* troop,1x 3 star hero, said to myself if I dont pull now (best positive outcome, based on censure method). Payed with gems for extra 60 pulls… 1 dupe hotm…

So out of 160 pulls combined, I got 1 hotm… I was really sucker for it… Had to writte it down… on average with such many pulls I should get 3x S4 5*, 1x S1 5* and 1-2 Hotms :slight_smile:

OFFICIALY retiring from censure method belief


Not a bad pull by any means. But an alliance mate got 3 5☆ heroes plus Malicna in a single 10-pull. Crazy good luck!!!


Not much luck on my side

4x4* of S4 and HotM, hoped for more.


I swear, the only time I break my promises about not pulling is when the grey tokens give me something decent and I recall this voodoo stuff and fall for it.

End up disappointed 90% of time, which is pretty much comparable to the regular odds.

But next time I pull 3 star troop from the normal token, I will do it again I’m sure.