Mana tiles worth it for Kutchen?

I currently have Kutchen fully leveled and at lev 18 on class tree, is the 2% mana boost worth it over the crit chance, i have level 26 mana troops so when they max out will the 2% even help me? Or is it even worth going to level 20 on the tree at all?

Note: I have no mana boosting heros on my main team as it is comprised of Kutchen, Gravemaker, Vela, Zeline and Drakefong. Thnx for the advice :slight_smile:

Typically the Crit chance is of more benefit, but I would suggest you check out the Optimal Mana boost thread and determine if this extra 2% will help boost you to charging with less tiles: Optimal Mana Bonus Numbers for Every Mana Speed

Sometimes cutting off that extra tile is great (ex. Moving an average hero to charging in 9 tiles) but with a slow guy moving from 12 to 11 tiles still means you are usually charging by matching sets of three so it is not as huge a difference.

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