Lianna Node 8 - mana boost vs Def

If I go with the 2 per cent mana boost, what troop level will she then require to shave a tile off her special? Am I correct in thinking it’s 17 or have I messed up the maths (very possible, math and I had a falling out in grade 11)…

I’ve gone as attack heavy as I can on her (rare for me) and her attack stat is up to 759. But alternatively, is this the point to give her some DEF love?


She would require lvl 23 instead of lvl 29

If you plan on maxing troops and would rather not use a reset emblem later on, i would go defense instead of the mana node

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She’s already fast, so earn a tile with her does not lower a match to get her CS. Imo, no point to get +2% mana boost.

With a maxed mana troop I see no reasons to pick mana generation for fast heroes

Maxing mana troops is incredibly expensive, to the point that most players in top alliances don’t have them. Don’t base your decision on how things might play at a level the vast majority of players–and certainly no F2P or C2P players–will never reach.

I tend not to think the 2% Mana boost is worth it, but ymmv.

I’d go defense like the rest, even though I am stopping my mana troops at lvl. 23.