Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP



Titans, Wanted Chests, Mystic Vision, Events. Offers and various shop purchases if you’re so inclined.

They aren’t farmable from the map.


Also some Rare Quests will have them. Keep your eyes peeled! :wink:


So I read through this and might be a little thick. A lot of talk about level 8-7 is optimal. What does that actually mean? I can’t figure it out. Is it referring to strong hold level farm level I just don’t understand. Help please!!!


province and stage in map


8-7 is the 7th spot on Province 8:

Whenever you farm a particular location, you will get exp, ham, iron and recruits. You may also receive crafting/upgrading materials, 1-2* heroes and 1-2* Troops. All of that is possible. 8-7 tends to be generous. :wink:


This is great info. My eyes are drooping so I can’t read it all right now, but I presume the hidden knives for Kelile to ascend are one of those “challenges, titan drops, wanted missions or events (I bought one with gems for $1.99, for example, during the Giftmas event).




20 char even!@(#*$@ whee


Correct, there are “farmable” ascension materials (aka “mats”) and non-farmable. Tall boots and chain mail are the rarest farmable mats, but these are fairly abundant at higher levels (e.g. 13-6).

The non-farmable mats are what give everyone heartburn. They don’t matter for 3* heroes, but to bring a 4* hero to final ascension or a 5* to third ascension you will need:

  1. A compass
  2. Fine gloves
  3. Four (4) of a color-specific item:
    a. Purple: trap tools
    b. Yellow: orb of magic
    c. Blue: warm cape
    d. Green: sturdy shield
    e. Red: hidden blade

To ascend a 5* to fourth ascension you will need four more of those color-specific items plus:

  1. A Damascus blade
  2. Tome of Tactics
  3. Six (6) of a color-specific item:
    a. Purple: royal tabard
    b. Yellow: poison darts
    c. Blue: farsight telescope
    d. Green: mysterious tonic
    e. Red: mystic rings

Yes, ouch. Eighteen rare mats to complete a 5*! Join a good alliance to take down big titans; fill your monster and hero chests promptly.


This thread helped me so much. Thank you!


Which province is the best to farm for Crystal Shard? I have been asking in Global chat no one give me a answer and i tried doing 13-6,13-7 (often drop 3x crystal shard)


Should be 13-6: 4 flags, max xp / energy for province 13.


They’re killing the game with this.


With what? “Guide to efficient farming - List of best lvls to farm monsters, different resources, wanted missions and XP” ??

That’s the topic in this thread. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thank you for this. Great post. Really useful info.


If you tap on the item that you need for instance fine gloves it will tell you which province are the best place to find them.


Exactly Leebrind. :slight_smile:


What is the latest hotspot for tall boots? I’ve tried 12-9, 13-6 and 14-6 all with no luck.

Also, stupid question time. Does it help chances when boots are listed on the “examples” screen?


I got a couple in 13-6 a few days ago.

No, the screen merely shows you possibilities. Boots are possible there, not guaranteed.


I’ve got a guide that suggests that 14-9 is best for boots.